To meet the challenges caused by an increased demand for sustainably sourced raw materials, limited natural resources and climate change, a shift towards the circular economy is becoming more crucial than ever. Therefore VITO helps authorities and companies switch to life-cycle thinking and develops circular business models.

Having enough water of a high quality is essential to life on our planet and a stable economy. Both surface water – in lakes and rivers – and groundwater require careful management. VITO experts are working together to create optimum water management.

Geothermal energy forms an indispensable link in the renewable energy mix of the future. VITO is building the first deep geothermal energy plant in Flanders and will supply pioneering work in order to roll out geothermal energy on a large scale in Flanders.

Supernova: it's a wrap

Tomorrow is unstoppable, embrace the future

The technology festival SuperNova took place in Antwerp from 27 until 30 September 2018. The four-day event was a meeting place for entrepreneurs, companies, investors, researchers, creative minds and the general public. Visitors were able to discover innovative technologies under the flag Tomorrow is unstoppable, embrace the future. In the VITO Sustainability pavilion we shared our view on the future and the technology and innovation of tomorrow. Science communicator Lieven Scheire brought a performance about VITO topics with a comic twist.


Your knowledge creates impact

At VITO, our aim is a society where sustainability is the norm. We are working on global projects to promote the transition to sustainability. We are creating innovative technological solutions and actively sharing our knowledge with businesses and government bodies. If you would like to help us make a difference, then apply for a job.

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