To realise a sustainable society we need detailed and objective insights into today. Combined with modelling and monitoring we can map out tomorrow's solutions.

Insights into today lead to concrete solutions for tomorrow. Solutions, based on technological innovations and expertise, that help you enhance your production processes sustainably. That inspire you to implement new business models. That support governments in making their municipality, city or region more sustainable.

Partnerships between research centres, commercial companies and governments are needed to discover the day after tomorrow together. That is how climate goals are achieved.VITO is the innovative force by offering substantive knowledge, innovative processes and business models.

World Resources Forum

The World Resources Forum 2019 ‘Closing Loops - Transitions at work’ is hosted by OVAM - the Public Waste Agency of Flanders. From 24 to 27 February 2019, the World Resources Forum and OVAM will present inspiring keynotes and global sessions, challenging workshops and fascinating site visits in close collaboration with dozens of partners and stakeholders. VITO will be organising 4 workshops on biobased materials, entrepreneurship in the circular economy, recovering non-ferrous slags and cleantech. All with one common goal: showing how to close the loop and make the transition towards a circular economy work.


Your knowledge creates impact

At VITO, our aim is a society where sustainability is the norm. We are working on global projects to promote the transition to sustainability. We are creating innovative technological solutions and actively sharing our knowledge with businesses and government bodies. If you would like to help us make a difference, then apply for a job.

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