VITO research focuses on cleantech development. This industry is involved in our projects in many ways. Our PhD topics strongly focus on the practical applicability in the near future. The selection criteria include industrial need and economic feasibility.

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International researchers for Flanders

Our group of VITO researchers covers more than 44 different nationalities. 40 % of our PhD-Postdoc researchers come from outside of Belgium. They are attracted to VITO by our ‘cleantech development’ programme and the strong link with real applications. We encourage them to move on to companies in Flanders.

Grow and Go

Each year, new young researchers choose to start at VITO to boost their future careers. VITO has an extensive PhD programme in collaboration with universities all over Europe. More than 80 PhD projects ran in 2019. Postdoc talent is recruited from all over the world to leverage our excellence. While working at VITO young researchers are stimulated and supported to develop their competences and hard and soft skills. They leave VITO, ready for careers in both the academic world and industry.

Science Figured Out

Scientists thrive in their trusted environment, whether it's their lab, their office space or the stage at a scientific conference. Science Figured Out takes young researchers out of their comfort zones and places them in front of a camera with a clear assignment: share your passion for research with the general public! Tell us about your research in a clear and convincing 3-minute pitch.

These are the videos of our VITO PhDs.