MooV  is an optimization service that improves the efficiency of your supply chain and reduces its cost. MooV finds the best supply chain configuration meeting the specific requirements and ambitions of your business.

Questions you may ask yourself

  • Are your distribution centers located in the best place?
  • Should you open new productions sites?
  • Could operations be merged into a single site?
  • How do your combine different transport modes most efficiently?

MooV supports your decision making

You receive the results of our analysis in a clear online dashboard. No lengthy or difficult reports. One click let’s you compare different scenarios side by side. It highlights the improvements in your efficiency
and the costs you save. Our experts guide you through every step of the process with targeted support and well-founded advice.

Whether you are planning to design your supply chain from scratch, looking to improve your existing supply chain or transforming it into a new one… MooV provides the decision support you need.

Key decision parameters

  • Cost-benefits

Trade-offs and sensitivities...

  • Storage and processing

Capacities, locations...

  • Quality aspects

Products specifications...

  • Time effects

Supply & demand variations...

  • Logistics & transport

Multi-modal, hubs...