In order to remain competitive, the entire chemical sector must make the transition towards renewable raw materials and focus on achieving a higher level of efficiency and reuse. Our approach will follow two paths. The first path is to create new value chains based on renewable raw materials, such as biomass and CO2. The second path focuses on sustainable chemical processes.

The energy and raw material needs of the current chemical industry is mostly relying on the use of fossil-based resources. The bio based economy in contrary makes use of atmospheric carbon as raw material, like biomass and CO2, and renewable energy. 

Process efficiency is a valuable concept in the sustainability mission of the process industry. It is translated in a production environment as a maximal conversion of raw material into the desired end product, with minimal energy use. At the same time, auxiliary resources such as solvents are recycled and waste streams are reduced or valorized.

Guest professorships

Prof. Fady Nahra