Sustainable raw materials management. Smart product design. Avoiding waste and maximising valorisation. Realising a circular economy. These challenges aren’t new, but along with growing demand for resources and energy, they urge us to find useful solutions. And that is becoming a growing concern not only for governments and producers, but for consumers, too. VITO advises governments and companies on sustainable materials management, product life cycles and circular economy. We help companies to close loops and develop and evaluate technologies. So higher-quality products can be made using fewer resources. And waste streams can be better valorised.

Reforming the economic system from a linear to a circular model is a huge challenge for consumers, authorities and the business community. Through research and advice we help companies and authorities to make this transition. Things we provide here include the foundations for innovative business models that allow companies to create new economic value. You can count on the combination of our technical knowledge of (raw) materials and legislation, and our economic and environmental expertise. Discover how we can help you.

Closing material cycles and avoiding wastage are crucial to the sustainable use of raw materials. Our innovations improve the possibilities for raw material recycling. This includes low-value residual streams and waste streams. Remaining matrix materials are given a new lease of life in or as new products. In this way, VITO wishes to close material cycles.

Making industrial processes more efficient, with reduced energy consumption and a higher productivity level. Improving existing products and new product development. With fewer resources, enhanced product quality and for new applications. That is how we want to help your company get ready for the future. Count on us to be your technologicy partner for product innovation. Together we shape your ideas.