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Would you like to improve your career opportunities even more by gaining a doctorate? If so, be sure to familiarize yourself with the opportunities that VITO is able to offer you! Take a look at our PhD topic list.

VITO supports applicants wanting to do research for four years under the leadership of a university supervisor and a co-supervisor from VITO, resulting in the achievement of a doctorate and tying in with other research done at VITO.

Various options are possible:

  • a VITO doctoral grant
  • a doctorate in the context of European collaboration

VITO doctoral grant

At various times each year, VITO publishes a number of doctorate subjects, with the object of supporting VITO research. These subjects are selected carefully in advance, in the context of strategic collaboration with the university supervisor. As such, both the subject and the supervisor will have been established when an applicant starts his doctorate. The subjects selected for doctorates are usually very much application-oriented. View our PhD topic list to select a subject to get more information and apply. Check the PhD regulations for the acceptance criteria (degree, topic,...).

If you are selected you will be notified. From that moment on you get the chance to work out a PhD proposal, together with your promotor at VITO and your university supervisor. You will have to present your PhD proposal to the doctoral jury at VITO.

Doctorate in the context of European collaboration

If you have a particular interest in international issues, a doctorate in the context of a European project could present you with a unique opportunity. VITO participates in European networks, in which doctorates abroad are often made available.

PhD Committee: to empower the VITO PhD community

The PhD committee is an international group of PhD students at VITO, which represents the community of PhD students currently performing their PhD at VITO. The committee works in close cooperation with the Scientific Relations team, which is co-ordinating the VITO PhD programme.

Why a PhD committee?

Inform, connect and involve current PhD-students and attract and inform future PhD-students

  • Reach out to the VITO PhD community and connect between various VITO disciplines
  • Share experiences about their PhD life with current and future VITO PhD students
  • Organise events for VITO PhD-students
  • Shape and improve the PhD-programme at VITO
  • Contact point for potential PhD candidates

Eline Oeyen, PhD at university of Antwerp, Belgium

The PhD committee seems like a nice opportunity to connect all PhD students at VITO! Although we may have different backgrounds, we are all doing research and we can learn from each other. I hope the PhD committee can improve the PhD programme at VITO where necessary. By organizing PhD events, PhD students can exchange experience and knowledge and we can meet experts in the field of research.

Contact: eline.oeyen@vito.be

Alexej Parchomenko, PhD at university of Vienna

Probably, the PhD students represent one of the most diverse groups at VITO. We work at different units, at different Universities, and sometimes stay over longer periods abroad. In this context, we shouldn’t make lives unnecessarily more difficult. Therefore, the PhD committee is an important initiative, which aims to connect PhD students and facilitate the sharing of positive, but more importantly difficult experiences. By providing an informal communication channel for every PhD student I hope to contribute to a continuous improvement of the PhD program, contribute to a more connected PhD community and provide greater visibility of PhD students at VITO.

Contact: alexej.parchomenko@vito.be

Brida Mbuwir, PhD at university of Leuven

As PhD-students, we form an important part of the VITO research community and help in developing significant products to achieve a sustainable and green world. The VITO PhD-committee provides a knowledge and experience sharing platform for PhD-students in the different units, through which PhD-students can motivate and empower each other. Through this platform, I hope to contribute in the continuous process of making VITO more and more PhD-student friendly, enhancing communication/interaction between PhD-students within the same and different units and, experience sharing from VITO PhD-alumni.

Contact: brida.mbuwir@vito.be

Max König, PhD at university of Stuttgart

I have been working at VITO for about one and a half years now. The exchange with other PhD students has helped me get started at VITO, both on my research topic as well as with living and working in Belgium. It also made me realize that a lot of students face similar challenges, whether it is PhD topic itself, soft skills, life after the PhD or juggling expectations between PhD supervisor and VITO colleagues. The PhD committee facilitates this exchange, I am excited to contribute and hopefully help out other colleagues to get started!

Contact: max.koenig@vito.be

Rebekka Van Hoof, PhD at university of Hasselt

The PhD-committee is a nice initiative to bring PhD-students together. Every PhD-student faces various challenges throughout his project. I strongly believe that sharing these experiences with other PhD-students is an important part of completing the journey successfully. At VITO, the PhD- students are very dispersed, working at different places, which can impede the communication. Through the organization of PhD-events, the PhD-committee helps them to meet their fellow PhD- student.

Contact: rebekka.vanhoof@vito.be

Sumit Srivastava, PhD at university of Antwerp

I think that the role of the PhD committee at VITO is more of Hagrid than of Dumbledore: warm, practical, and wild; rather than being detached and intellectual. While the committee may not know the exact solutions to the problems of the fellow students, the problems are listened to and appropriately redirected. The PhD committee at VITO has to operate very differently from similar organizations operating at the universities. I think that one of the major goals of the committee is to sensitize the newer PhD students towards these differences and to help them swim through these challenges throughout their respective PhD journeys. Furthermore, since the students at VITO are placed far from their respective universities, the committee also needs to make efforts to create peer-learning and peer-networking opportunities that otherwise come naturally for the university students. To be able to leverage each other’s capabilities, we need to be aware of each - others' expertise. I think that the PhD committee can act as a catalyst that helps in forming these connections.

Contact: sumit.srivastava@vito.be