Would you like to improve your career opportunities even more by gaining a PhD? If so, be sure to familiarise yourself with the opportunities that VITO offers you! Take a look at our PhD topic list.

Each year, VITO starts a number of new PhD projects in close collaboration with excellent universities. The subjects are selected to enforce our strategic research themes and are application-oriented to maximise the impact of the VITO research for society. View our PhD topic list to select a subject to get more information and apply. Check the application procedure.

Testimonials of PhD researchers at VITO will give you a good overview of the variety of topics and PhD profiles.

In the last 5 years, the number of PhD researchers active per year was between 70 and 90. 40% of them come from abroad, resulting in an international research community. They are attracted to VITO by our ‘cleantech development’ programme and the strong link with real applications. We encourage them to move on to companies in Flanders.

The PhD community is represented within VITO by the PhD committee. This committee is the contact point for new PhD students and works together with the PhD support team to set up a high-quality PhD programme. They coordinate the PhD buddy programme and are in the process of setting up the annual PhD event.