R&D is at the heart of our organisation, with our R&D talent providing a strong foundation of knowledge. Each day, the 400-plus members of our R&D team work on developing powerful sustainable applications of technological research. But research is not our only focus, our organisation also engages in engineering and development. The outcomes include SCI papers, contract research for the public and private sector, patents and licenses, VITO spin-offs, pilot and demonstration projects, and much more. Turning technological research into tangible contributions is how we help to drive the transition to a sustainable society.

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R&D & Engineering


The coming years will be characterized by electrification of heating, transport, industrial tools, further improvement of energy efficiency of all kinds of systems, a further increase of renewable energy sources and changing behavior patterns of consumers. This evolution creates a number of technical challenges and will be accompanied by an expontential increase in the application of power electronics and puts pressure on existing components of the power system. To work on these challenges, innovative concepts that can simplify the use and integration of electric storage systems, have to be figured out. These concepts should be tested in realistic conditions, and the required power electronics and electrical components and subsystems should be designed. If you want, together with VITO/Energyville, to put effort into the previous projects, you are our new colleague!

  • Through your excellent knowledge in the field of power electronics (including control and applications), you will shape and elaborate research projects in the field of ‘power equality’, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, distributed control, electric storage etc.
  • Within these domains, you follow the technologies and trends, expand your knowledge, and detect opportunities to our revenue in both the short and the long term (IPR cooperation, industry, …)
  • You are responsible for discovering and understanding the problems of the client and its rapid and relevant analysis: the inventing, designing, developing, testing and benchmarking of innovative prototypes (using programmable transducers) of power-electronic or electrotechnical components and subsystems that will form an essential part of the solution.
  • You report, both internally and externally, to our customers.
  • You take care of the adequate protection for your inventions through patent applications and licensable designs. After the protection is assured, you present the results at internatonial forums.
  • You will find your passion both in working on creative solutions within a project team as in driving such a team and in the guidance of PhD students.




R&D & Engineering

The unit Separation- and Conversion Technology (SCT) developstechnologies for the sustainability of production processes in the(bio)chemical sector, replacement of fossil resources by renewable resources asfeedstock for the chemical industry, and the treatment of waste streams intohigh value chemicals.

The synthesis of (semi)aromatic polymers derived from renewableresources is currently attracting tremendous interest from both academia andindustry, as aromatic compounds are key intermediates in the manufacture ofpolymers and chemicals.

VITO is co-initiator of Biorizon, an industry driven Shared ResearchCenter, focusing on technology development for the production of functionalizedbiobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings. As theleading institute, VITO coordinates the development of lignin derivedbioaromatics by its own technology and by collaboration with differenttechnology providers. Lignin is the main source of aromatic bio-basedmolecules. Various phenols derivatives with a variety of chemical structurescan be obtained from lignin deconstruction combined with advanced membraneseparation techniques.

VITO has developed a strong expertise in the valorization of biomassthrough conversion of lignocellulose into value-added lignin fragments andbio-aromatic derivatives. More recently, VITO has also started to develop IPand to demonstrate how these new building blocks could be polymerized intovalue-added products. Depending on the bioaromatic substrates obtained from thelignin separation processes, different chemical modifications andpolymerization pathways are envisaged and developed, leading to (semi)aromaticpolymers that could potentially cover a wide range of industrial applications.



Desired skills and experience

  • Applicants must have obtained a PhD in polymer chemistryor a related field (organic chemistry, biomaterials…) or proven track record

  • An experience in the synthesis of value-addedmolecules derived from biomass or in the synthesis/characterization of (block)co-polymer is an advantage

  • Highly self-motivated individuals who havedemonstrated the ability to conduct scientific research successfully and workindependently are desirable

  • The ability to combined creativity and experimentalresearch together with a focus on applications to generate industry-readysolutions leading to commercialization is a strong advantage

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills arerequired

  • You are strongly interested in cooperation withother partners (industry, SME’s, institutes, universities).

  • The candidates are expected to stay abreast of therecent literature (publications and patents) in the field of lignin-derivedpolymers, develop research ideas and valorized their research in the form ofpatents and research papers

  • You are enthusiastic about both experimental labwork as well about processing of data and reporting.

  • The candidate will contribute to the acquisition ofnew projects/funds via writing research proposals




R&D & Engineering

We are looking for a creative and driven chemical process engineer to strengthen the sustainable chemistry department in VITO for the development, upscaling and piloting of sustainable chemical processes.

Within the sustainable chemistry department we develop innovative separation and conversion technologies that tackle the industrial and societal challenges of process optimization/intensification and a shift towards alternative resources (biobased chemical building blocks). VITO derisks the industrial uptake of these processes by demonstrating them at lab and pilot scale.

In the position of chemical process engineer you translate the innovative and sustainable chemical processes into lab and piloting equipment.

Do you want to contribute to this? Read ahead.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for translation of chemical processes into hardware for lab scale equipment and for upscaling these processes to pilot scale.
  • You participate in the design of a process unit, including establishing process design basis, trade-off of process options and optimization of selected design.
  • You direct activities to ensure that construction, installation and operational testing are conform to functional specifications, recognized codes and standards, legislation (ATEX, PED, …) and customer requirements. You ensure all documentation is prepared, checked, reviewed and approved adequately.
  • You maintain effective communication with the project team (internal colleagues, subcontractors, partners) and stakeholders/customers.
  • You specify process flow sheets and you model processes and units operations. You develop  process flow diagrams to define heat and material balance and you perform simulations with tools like ASPEN.
  • You prepare specifications for processing equipment, e.g. pressure vessels, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, …
  • You prepare operating instructions for the installations.
  • You participate in planning, cost development, management and scheduling for assigned projects.
  • You design small lab scale test installations, select suppliers of the components, supervise the construction and write the acceptance test and operational procedures.
  • You carry out reviews of vendor’s bids and documentation for technical acceptability.
  • You provide technical assistance to other design groups as necessary.


R&D & Engineering

No vacancy description available in English, since knowledge of Dutch is required for this position. Link to the Dutch vacancy.



R&D & Engineering

The Built Environment team at VITO/EnergyVille assesses the environmental impact of building materials and energy technologies. We provide industry and governments with advice on innovative solutions and alternative methods of production. We are currently seeking an experienced life-cycle analysis (LCA) expert to strengthen our team.

  • In this role, you will act as the senior expert for funded research projects (such as H2020), as well as consultancy assignments for industry or governments.
  • You will bring innovation to our field of expertise by contributing and developing new methods and expertise in relation to the digitisation of LCA/LCC assessments, innovative data strategies and machine learning technology. In this regard, you will make tangible contributions to the development of innovative tools and solutions that meet current and future client needs.
  • In your role as project coordinator, you will direct the progress achieved by the in-house project team and ensure that this is in alignment with the relevant external partners. You will form the first point of contact for the client and will also be the external face of those projects at stakeholder forums and public events.
  • You will be responsible for partnerships within national and European consortia, and you will expand your network to include Belgian and European authorities and industrial partners.
  • You will also play a role in the acquisition of projects and in writing tenders and project proposals.


R&D & Engineering

EnergyVille is a collaboration between the Flemish research partners VITO, KU Leuven, imec and UHasselt in the field of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. VITO is looking for an excellent researcher to add competence to the  interdisciplinary energy market team (economics, business administration, applied mathematics, electrical & mechanical engineering).

You will be involved in several research and consultancy projects as expert on modelling and assessment of  energy markets including e.g. clearing mechanism, product system, spatial and temporal organization. Concrete, the markets in scope cover electricity extended to multi-carrier markets for gas and heat: from day-ahead markets to real-time balancing including system services. You will model markets as mathematical problems formulated as optimization problems, and also as games capturing market participant behavior. Modelling language include Python and Julia. You will be based in VITO/EnergyVille in Thor Park Genk, Belgium.


As Expert Energy market modelling, you will

  • Collaborate within the energy market team on varied projects.
  • Develop and assess new concepts for energy markets and products, and create insights on innovative market design for all the involved stakeholders in the energy landscape.
  • Formulate mathematical problems for different (multi-carrier) energy market designs applying optimization and game theory, optionally including the individual decision-making of market participants.
  • Implement and develop solutions/algorithms for the formulated problems in Python/Julia using mathematical solvers.
  • Translate your findings in relevant policy and strategy advise to relevant stakeholders including regulators, policy makers, system operators and industry.
  • Contribute to writing (parts of) project proposals and offers to tenders.
  • Manage defined tasks and budget related to your area of expertise. 



R&D & Engineering

Are you interested in new, sustainable processes and are you particularly curious about the economic feasibility and environmental impact of these processes? Then performing a techno-economic analysis is for you. With new technologies, there are many uncertainties about which options are most promising. Is the investment cost decisive or should we focus on energy reduction or increase the productivity? Our team tries to formulate answers, in close collaboration with technology-developers, to these questions and looks for the most promising value chains with the use of our techno-economic analysis. We also extend these analysis with life cycle analysis (LCA) to have a good view on the environmental impact.

In a techno-economic analysis we examine the processes simultaneously from a technical and economic point of view – and by extension from an environmental point of view. We do this analysis based on desktop research, but also through intensive communication with project developers and external experts.


With this position we want to strengthen our team with a colleague who is fascinated by technological innovations, economic feasibility and environmental impact and who rather develops a helicopter view of the value chain instead of specializing him/herself in specific processes.

We offer a challenging job where a diversity of processes and value chains are evaluated from a broad, multidisciplinary perspective with our internally developed techno-economic analysis method.


Specific job content:

  • You combine desktop research with intensive communication with internal and external experts and you evaluate, communicate and report results to our clients (Flemish and European) and the academic world (i.e. via scientific publications and conferences).
  • You take into account the valorization potential of the technologies to provide relevant information, solutions, advice, processes or products for SMEs, governments and industry.
  • You carry out (inter)national projects with focus on the further extension of our internally developed techno-economic analysis method.
  • You work closely together in a team.
  • In the long term you will autonomously look for new research projects and processes for the further development of our techno-economic analysis method. You contribute to proposals and you look for opportunities to finance proposals.


R&D & Engineering

No English vacancy available since knowledge of Dutch is necessary for this position. Link to the Dutch vacancy.




Our projects are highly varied, as our clients come from both the industry and the government, in our country and abroad. Speaking of an international, open and diverse working environment: no fewer than 100 of our 750 employees come from outside Belgium, because at VITO they have found a unique environment where they can make full use of their R&D talents. Here you can build up a valuable professional network that you can rely on throughout your career.

Our R&D positions cover a wide spectrum. This gives you a choice as a researcher between opportunities and challenges in our various units and segments. And there is more: we commit ourselves to creating an excellent research environment, among other things, by having a clear HR strategy for researchers.

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