R&D is at the heart of our organisation, with our R&D talent providing a strong foundation of knowledge. Each day, the 400-plus members of our R&D team work on developing powerful sustainable applications of technological research. But research is not our only focus, our organisation also engages in engineering and development. The outcomes include SCI papers, contract research for the public and private sector, patents and licenses, VITO spin-offs, pilot and demonstration projects, and much more. Turning technological research into tangible contributions is how we help to drive the transition to a sustainable society.

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R&D & Engineering

Are you fascinated by innovations that contribute to a circular economy or to the energy transition. Do you consider waste a resource? Are you interested in innovative solutions for reducing CO2-emissions, waste, water shortage and air pollution? Are you eager to contribute to a more sustainable society? Come and join the team of Cleantech Flanders!
Cleantech Flanders ( https://www.cleantechflanders.com/ )  is a team powered by VITO that represents the Flemish Cleantech ecosystem by connecting parties and advocating clean technologies. To strengthen our team, we are looking for an experienced project manager to support our portfolio of mostly international projects. As a project manager you will take the lead in the coordination and execution of international projects, that predominantly focus on the future exploitation of the urban mine by so-called landfill mining.


VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) is a leading European independent research institute in the domain of cleantech and sustainable development. 

  • You work in a team that executes national and international projects.
  • You coordinate and contribute to the execution of international (Interreg) projects by collaborating with your colleagues international project partners.
  • You take the lead or assist in organizing project meetings and events and workshops with colleagues or international project partners.
  • Regular travel within Europe is necessary.
  • Together with the communication team of VITO you take care of the necessary project communication activities and you identify opportunities for promoting cleantech through the Cleantech Flanders communication platform.
  • You report the project results to the customer and the project partners and you communicate them to stakeholders.


R&D & Engineering

VITO has clear ambitions to further strengthen its research programme ‘Sustainable Materials Management’. We strive towards a more circular economy by developing zero-waste solutions to sustainably transform residues into resources and products.

To strengthen our research we are looking for a creative and motivated scientist or engineer to develop a VITO recycling technology based an artificial intelligence and sensor data.  

  • As R&D professional you will be part of an experienced and well-equipped research team aiming to develop advanced sorting and recycling technologies.
  • The research will focus on the development of software and state-of-the-art algorithms in the field of sensor based sorting through image processing, object recognition and machine learning.
  • More specifically, you will develop object recognition models based on images from different types of sensors (x-ray, 3D and color).
  • In this development, the focus is on image pre-processing techniques such as image registration (alignment), image segmentation, image quality improvement and on deep learning models for classification.
  • An important aspect is to optimize the computational efficiency by making use of GPU-based algorithms.
  • You will integrate the models into a software framework that streamlines the process of data acquisition, model training and result visualization, which are applied to specific material streams (residues) from various industrial customers.

VITO believes that through artificial intelligence and data mining, novel technologies can be developed that allow a breakthrough in the waste processing and valorization industry. The algorithms will be applied to data generated by a novel multi-sensor line scanner device (so-called ‘Characterise-to-Sort’). The prototype available at VITO consists of a conveyer belt currently equipped with dual energy X-ray transmission, 3D laser triangulation and RGB sensors.


R&D & Engineering

The Remote Sensing unit of VITO processes petabytes of earth observation data. We primarily specialize in Big Data analysis with the use of machine learning and deep learning techniques in the application workflows.  That is our passion: the extraction of information from the vast amounts of incoming images. Information required by our clients. Our extensive group of clients can be found within the domains of land use, civil infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, water management, heritage and ecological development.


For our big data services development team, we are looking for a dynamic and highly motivated R&D Project Manager Remote Sensing Platforms. In this role, you are the driver in an ecosystem of earth observation and big data platforms and ensure project execution from proposal to final review meeting. Projects are situated in a context of Belgian space programs, the European Space Agency and the European Commission and have a close link to supporting the remote sensing application projects.

As a Project manager, you will work within a team of solution architects, software developers and operation engineers. Together with the team you translate user requirements in a system and service design. You will scan the market for opportunities to contribute to and execute the internal vision and roadmap on big data and processing platforms.

You'll become part of a talented, dedicated team working in a fast-paced, challenging international environment. We thrive to develop cutting edge technologies that will be used in applications and services by a broad public, industry, the public sector and universities.

  • Project management in its broad context: responsible for tasks, deliverables, risk assessment and mitigation, documentation within time and within budget. This in close cooperation with international partner companies and institutions and the customer
  • Project administration and reporting towards the customers and management
  • Representation of your project portfolio on international, mostly scientific conferences
  • Translation of project opportunities to actual proposals
  • Planning of necessary resources including subcontractors
  • Keep track of a strong user-oriented approach
  • Team coaching
  • Continuous improvement in the project and development processes
  • Stay on the leading edge of the evolving remote sensing and IT world


R&D & Engineering

No English translation available as Dutch is required for this position.

Link to the vacancy in Dutch: https://vito.be/nl/jobs/rd-professional-milieu-impact-gebouwen-en-energiesystemen




R&D & Engineering

The VITO Data Science Hub designs, develops, tests and valorises data-intensive algorithms to improve sustainability in the areas of Energy, Materials, Chemistry, Health and Land Use. It holds a horizontal structure and operates on corporate level. This hub focuses on:

  • Strategy development for data science on corporate level
  • Multidisciplinary data-intensive projects
  • Supporting and coaching staff in relation to machine learning and automated data analysis
  • Helping to develop reusable software and working to raise the TRL (technology readiness level)



  • You focus on designing and developing reusable software in which data science takes a central role
  • You work together with 5 colleagues
  • You advise staff from various VITO departments regarding the use of data science techniques
  • You participate in educating, training and coaching staff within our various VITO units
  • You broaden your knowledge and expertise, and remain up-to-date regarding the new developments and the data science community
  • You publish research results (in collaboration with PhD students) and present at international fora
  • You play an active part in drawing up research proposals and acquiring new projects
  • You help to identify new IP opportunities and valorisation initiatives


R&D & Engineering

No description available in English since Dutch is required for this position, link to the Dutch vacancy.


R&D & Engineering

No description available in English since Dutch is required for this position, link to the Dutch vacancy.


R&D & Engineering

No description available in English since Dutch is required for this position, link to the Dutch vacancy.


R&D & Engineering

As a researcher, you will contribute to the Flemish, European and international environmental policy relating to air quality.

  • You develop models that simulate and predict the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere. These models will be used to support the environmental policy of Flemish and foreign authorities and the industry. Urban air quality is a focus area of the team. 
  • You are responsible for analysing model results and reporting to the client or the end user. Processing of (large) data sets therefore plays an important role.
  • You integrate your knowledge and expertise in collaborative projects with your fellow researchers, report the results of these and publish them in academic journals.


R&D & Engineering

We are looking for a consultant with strong research skills to reinforce the energy market team. As an expert on energy markets and networks, you will be involved in a number of projects with the goal of designing a low carbon energy system. You will be in charge of acquiring new projects and writing proposals. You will be responsible for management of a task within your expertise. Topics include, but are not limited to market design (from futures to day-ahead to real time markets), local energy communities, emerging roles and tasks in the energy sector, business models for integration of flexibility in the electricity networks, and disruptive technologies in the energy sector. In your work, you will often be considering viewpoints of different stakeholders, and take into account technical, economic and regulatory aspects of the problem. You will be based in VITO/EnergyVille in Thor Park Genk.

As an expert on energy markets and networks, you will

  • Be involved as an expert on several international and national projects.
  • Identify challenges of different stakeholders in the energy markets.
  • Propose solutions to overcome the challenges faced by different stakeholders in the energy landscape.
  • Advise the relevant stakeholders based on your research findings.
  • Take the lead in writing offers to tenders and project proposals.
  • Manage tasks and projects related to your area of expertise. 
  • Transfer your knowledge to more junior team members.


R&D & Engineering
  • As a senior consultant, you will advise policy makers and industry operating at European and international level on the evaluation, development and implementation of their energy and climate related strategies.
  • Coordinating and delivering integrated assessments on energy & climate policy, based upon collection and analysis of statistics & indicators, summarising and critically evaluating literature, stakeholder interviewing, for example. 
  • You will interpret these results and on this basis, formulate scientific recommendations tailored to the client's needs. You will report the research results to our clients (authorities and industry).
  • You are responsible for coordinating and conducting consultative assignments within time and budget. You will work in a team, but will also be responsible for carrying out consultative assignments independently.
  • You will take the lead in writing client offers, research proposals and seeking funding opportunities.
  • You will continue expanding your knowledge within energy & climate policy domain on the basis of literature, networking, courses and on-the job experience. Within your area of expertise, you will be an active follower of the trends and the studies carried out by other consultants, research institutions and universities.
  • You will identify routes for new developments, playing an active role in exploring research questions for energy & climate related areas.


Our projects are highly varied, as our clients come from both the industry and the government, in our country and abroad. Speaking of an international, open and diverse working environment: no fewer than 100 of our 750 employees come from outside Belgium, because at VITO they have found a unique environment where they can make full use of their R&D talents. Here you can build up a valuable professional network that you can rely on throughout your career.

Our R&D positions cover a wide spectrum. This gives you a choice as a researcher between opportunities and challenges in our various units and segments. And there is more: we commit ourselves to creating an excellent research environment, among other things, by having a clear HR strategy for researchers.

No suitable job openings at the moment? We're always on the lookout for top talent. Send us your application and we'll get back to you when something opens up.

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