R&D is at the heart of our organisation, with our R&D talent providing a strong foundation of knowledge. Each day, the 400-plus members of our R&D team work on developing powerful sustainable applications of technological research. But research is not our only focus, our organisation also engages in engineering and development. The outcomes include SCI papers, contract research for the public and private sector, patents and licenses, VITO spin-offs, pilot and demonstration projects, and much more. Turning technological research into tangible contributions is how we help to drive the transition to a sustainable society.

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R&D & Engineering

Standard, routine analytical work is not often to be found at VITO. Your future lab's task is to resolve analytical issues that generally demand an approach tailored to the client. For this purpose, we have a whole range of analytical equipment, applications and experienced colleagues with complementary expertise on board.
The lab rarely carries out standard measurements – all of its work is carried out according to a client brief. More and more companies are contacting VITO's analytical lab with a challenge they can't immediately formulate a response to themselves. Insight into chemical issues mainly begins with a chemical analysis. Our analytical team produces an action plan for them and assists them with finding solutions. VITO tries to offer every client a tailored proposal.
The companies you will be working with are players in the chemistry, food and pharmaceutical industries – in short, they all have a complex question and they come to the VITO analysis lab for the answer.
The lab also supplies results for VITO's research projects in the field of sustainable materials research, health and sustainable chemistry. There will be no shortage of variety in your duties.

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We are currently seeking an enthusiastic expert researcher in organic analysis to enhance our team. You will be responsible for the entire course of the chemical analysis, ranging from drawing up a measurement protocol to quality assurance and reporting. Besides this, developing project proposals and planning, carrying out and co-ordinating scientific research projects will be another major part of your duties.
You will independently seek out new opportunities to set up practical projects in the industry. In short, you will contribute to VITO's further growth into a recognised leader in this field, including at an international level.
In order to be able to carry out the role of an expert in full, you yourself will have several years of hands-on experience with a wide-ranging spectrum of analytical equipment and applications. Extensive expertise in terms of LC-MS is a must. Technical knowledge is indispensable in this, enabling you to become a point of contact for practical problems and troubleshooting in your role as an expert too. You will also take on the role of an expert externally, both during meetings with clients as in scientific forums. You will already have an (international) network of experts in your professional field.
You will divide your time between the lab and your office in order to carry out your duties. You will collaborate with analysts, who will take on the bulk of the practical work. This is why guiding and coaching team members will also be an important aspect of your task.


R&D & Engineering

VITO is building a research programme aimed at the upgrading of low-grade materialflows to high-quality products. In cooperation with industrial companies and other knowledge institutions we develop applications in this area and bring them to the market. Our focus is on the processing of inorganic flows, such as ash and slag. Through innovative techniques, we extract the valuable elements (e.g. metals) and look for useful applications, such as building materials, for the remaining matrix.

For this innovative and future-oriented research programme, we are looking for an experienced researcher to strengthen our teams. You will be responsible for the acquisition, execution and coordination of scientific research projects. As a VITO-expert in this research domain you will give presentations on (international) forums and you will pulish in scientific magazines. You will build an (international) network of high-level partners and look for opportunities to be able to set up concrete projects in the industry. In short, you will contribute to the image of VITO as being the leader in this research matter at an international level.


R&D & Engineering

The unit Separation- and Conversion Technology (SCT) develops technologies for the sustainability of production processes in the (bio)chemical sector, replacement of fossil resources by renewable resources as feedstock for the chemical industry, and the treatment of waste streams into high value chemicals.
The synthesis of (semi)aromatic polymers derived from renewable resources is currently attracting tremendous interest from both academia and industry, as aromatic compounds are key intermediates in the manufacture of polymers and chemicals.
VITO is co-initiator of Biorizon, an industry driven Shared Research Center, focusing on technology development for the production of functionalized biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings. As the leading institute, VITO coordinates the development of lignin derived bioaromatics by its own technology and by collaboration with different technology providers. Lignin is the main source of aromatic bio-based molecules. Various phenols derivatives with a variety of chemical structures can be obtained from lignin deconstruction combined with advanced membrane separation techniques.
Up to now, VITO has developed a strong expertise in the valorization of biomass through conversion of lignocellulose into value-added lignin fragments and bio-aromatic derivatives. Our next goal is to develop IP and demonstrate how these new building blocks could be polymerized into value-added products. Depending on the phenol substrates obtained from the lignin separation processes, different chemical modifications and polymerization pathways will be envisaged and developed, leading to (semi)aromatic polymers covering a wide range of industrial applications.
We are looking to recruit one PhD graduate for a senior polymer chemist to work in our lignin-derived polymers program.

The main tasks of the candidate will be to:
• Synthesize polymerizable synthons derived from lignin fragments;
• Design co-polymers from these functionalized lignin monomers;
• Contribute to the structure-properties characterization of the obtained materials.


R&D & Engineering

No description available in English since Dutch is required for this position


R&D & Engineering

EnergyVille is a collaboration between the Flemish research partners VITO, KU Leuven, imec and UHasselt in the field of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. VITO is looking for an excellent researcher to add competence to the  interdisciplinary energy market team (economics, business administration, applied mathematics, electrical & mechanical engineering).

You will be involved in several research and consultancy projects as expert on modelling and assessment of  energy markets including e.g. clearing mechanism, product system, spatial and temporal organization. Concrete, the markets in scope cover electricity extended to multi-carrier markets for gas and heat: from day-ahead markets to real-time balancing including system services. You will model markets as mathematical problems formulated as optimization problems, and also as games capturing market participant behavior. Modelling language include Python and Julia. You will be based in VITO/EnergyVille in Thor Park Genk, Belgium.


As Expert Energy market modelling, you will

  • Collaborate within the energy market team on varied projects.
  • Develop and assess new concepts for energy markets and products, and create insights on innovative market design for all the involved stakeholders in the energy landscape.
  • Formulate mathematical problems for different (multi-carrier) energy market designs applying optimization and game theory, optionally including the individual decision-making of market participants.
  • Implement and develop solutions/algorithms for the formulated problems in Python/Julia using mathematical solvers.
  • Translate your findings in relevant policy and strategy advise to relevant stakeholders including regulators, policy makers, system operators and industry.
  • Contribute to writing (parts of) project proposals and offers to tenders.
  • Manage defined tasks and budget related to your area of expertise. 


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