From distant satellites to buzzing drones, VITO Remote Sensing enables you to use technology you could’ve only dreamed of before. Starting from your needs, we develop the right sensor and choose the matching instrument to get your project underway.


The added value of precision farming in fruit orchards? Getting more and better fruit, that is the end objective of 'Intelligent Fruit Cultivation' (Intelligenter Fruit Telen).

The ​Belgian potato processing industry is one of the biggest exporter of frozen potato products in the world preceding the Netherlands, Canada and the United States. To safeguard this position and allow the industry to grow, they need to be able to increase potato yields in a sustainable way. 

The European Commission Copernicus program offers free and open data about the environment. Data from the Sentinel satellites are now easily accessible for the Belgian user through the Terrascope platform. 

Group AVEVE and VITO innovate with the use of drones for crop optimization. Farmers are getting the most optimal varieties for their crops. 

Continued innovation and technological development are extremely important to further expand our leading position in blue energy. In order to build knowledge and give SMEs and knowledge institutions the opportunity to test and develop innovative products, it is essential to have an adequate infrastructure suited for conducting tests in a marine environment.