The GeoWatt Toolbox calculates the optimal combination of energy producing technologies for a specific electricity and/or heat demand.  The user specifies his energy demand and the GeoWatt Toolbox calculates the optimal configuration for every combination of technologies (residual heat, geothermal, ORC, CHP and gasboiler).

Your challenges

What is the most optimal combination of technologies?
Reduce energy costs

GeoWaTT Toolbox

  • Calculates the best Net Present Value (NPV) for every technology combination based on heat and electricity issues
  • Locates the parameter settings where the technology combination has the highest NPV value
  • Easily expandable with new technologies such as PV, ...

In addition to the extensive GeoWatt Toolbox, VITO has developed a light web version, with which you can check via your postal code whether geothermal energy or CHP might be interesting options for your company: 

VITO - GeoWatt Toolbox

Available technologies

Residual heat
Geothermal power plant (GTP)
Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Gas boilers

For Whom?

Energy consultants for performing a quick scan with customers
Scientists for further optimization of the toolbox with models
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