3 years

Project introduction

VITO develops CLIMTAGTM, a web-based dashboard offering tailored climate information for the past and the future, including information on the onset of the rainy season, for over 20 countries across the African continent. Stakeholders, including national authorities and experts, are involved in the creation process and supported with a ready-to-use tool, insights in barriers for effective climate adaptation and for acquisition of International Climate Finance, and recommendations to overcome these barriers. Climate-robust initiatives for the agro-sector by local entrepreneurs are implemented in three African countries with financial and capacity building support of the project consortium.


  • Intuitive dashboard with agro-climate information for 23 countries across Africa
  • Co-design and capacity building
  • Support of concrete climate adaptation projects in Uganda, Senegal and Malawi 
  • Insights in climate adaptation barriers


To empower stakeholders in the African agro-sector against climate change with tools, capacity building and coaching


ACMAD, the African Centre for Meteorological Applications for Development
KENTER, consultancy
i-propeller/KPMG, consultancy
OVO, Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs


Budget: 1,660,000 EUR (66% VITO share) funded by International Climate Finance from the Government of Flanders 
Duration: 3 years, started in December 2020