Data Science for sustainability

Over the past decades, the increasing amount, availability and variety of data and computational power have had a decisive impact on the economic and scientific landscape. The ICT-powered combination of new and different types of data with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing our way of working, also in research. Data-driven paradigms are gaining importance.

With Data Science for sustainability, we support the realization of excellent research established in an application driven research center.  Within the VITO Data Science hub, all ingredients are present to drive Data Science forward: lots of skills and motivation and strong partnerships with state-of-the-art AI labs/universities/infrastructure. 

Data science is more than just gathering statistics

The way in which we collect and process data has evolved radically in recent decades. Larger amounts and new types of data are now being generated as a result of rapid ICT developments. Advanced analyses and artificial intelligence techniques are fundamentally changing the way in which we process data, including when it comes to research.

Data Science is the combination of modern statistics with advanced ICT technologies and exhaustive domain knowledge. We are using this to make the transition towards a more data-driven research approach. Whilst a scientific approach traditionally begins with gaining insight into the physical processes, Data Science first relies on the data to build usable products or services.

Our strategic goals

Capacity development on a corporate level

Provide courses, answer ad hoc questions, advocacy for Data Science to increase efficiency, professionalism, in our daily data-related project work.

Data science for products and services

Unlocking existing expertise to create value based on existing means and ideas, value that otherwise might be left uncaptured.

Data science in our core research

Invest for the future, develop a data-driven approach to create knowledge, speed up the research cycle to increase scientific excellence in line with VITOs mission and strategy.

Data science hub

The Data Science Hub was set up in order to achieve these objectives and brings the five strategic VITO topics (chemistry, energy, health, land use and materials) in line with VITO's mission and strategy.

Interested in a phd or postdoc in Data Science?

Turning technological research into tangible contributions is how we help to drive the transition to a sustainable society. At VITO, we are trying to create a society where sustainability is the norm. We work on projects worldwide that achieve the transition to sustainability. We innovate through technological solutions and actively share our knowledge with companies and authorities. Would you like to make a difference with us? If you do, feel free to apply for one of our jobs.

Our team