Data science is more than just gathering statistics

The way in which we collect and process data has evolved radically in recent decades. Larger amounts and new types of data are now being generated as a result of rapid ICT developments. Advanced analyses and artificial intelligence techniques are fundamentally changing the way in which we process data, including when it comes to research.

Data Science is the combination of modern statistics with advanced ICT technologies and state of the art domain knowledge. We are using this to make the transition towards a more data-driven research approach. Whilst a scientific approach traditionally begins with gaining insight into the physical processes, data science relies on the data to build usable products or services.

Stimulating and facilitating data-driven research is the mission of the VITO Data Science Hub.

Strategic goals

Capacity development on a corporate level

Providing courses, answering ad hoc questions, advocating data science to increase efficiency in daily data-related project work.

Data science for products and services

Unlocking existing expertise to create value based on existing means and ideas, value that otherwise might be left uncaptured.

Data science in our core research

Investing for the future, developing a data-driven approach to create knowledge, speed up the research cycle to increase scientific excellence in line with VITO’s mission and strategy.

Data science hub

The VITO Data Science Hub realizes these objectives in accordance with the mission and strategy of the organization. The hub is a connecting factor between the five VITO themes (chemistry, energy, health, land use and materials) and is guided by sustainability. The Data Science Hub supports VITO researchers with their data-related challenges, enters into collaborations with other research institutes and coordinates cross-thematic research projects, mainly on personal data and smart cities.

Project in the spotlight

  • VLOCA (in dutch) or “Flemish Open City Architecture”: the project in which a blueprint for an open data infrastructure for smart cities in Flanders is being developed by VITO and imec on behalf of the Flemish government. Topics that have already been dealt with are mobility (Hoppin points), water sensor networks and circular economy (repair cafés).
  • We Are: an initiative in which VITO, together with its partners, is developing an ecosystem around citizen-driven data management in the health sector, with Solid as the basic technology.
  • AI Flanders: the Flemish initiative on artificial intelligence in which VITO participates in proof-of-concepts (demonstrators) in the fields of energy and health.
  • Graph database solutions for transportation networks: a PhD research project designing innovative tools for analysis of transportation networks i.e. spatial networks through which a substance (water, cars, heat, information,…) moves. These networks are often equipped with sensors, e.g. Internet of Water. The research focuses more generally on spatial networks to which time series are linked at various locations (nodes or segments).
  • HPC Platform: a single, scalable, and VITO-wide accessible high-performance computing (HPC) cluster with a focus on providing GPU-accelerated computing to facilitate processing-intensive workloads in data science and artificial intelligence.

  • VIVALDY: VerIfication and Validation of Ai-enabLeDsYstems is a collaborative project to realise efficient re-verification and re-validation of incremental upgrades AI-enhanced cyber-physical systems in the patient-safety professional healthcare domain. VITO as one of the partners is actively contributing in the development, validation, and monitoring of AI in healthcare domain.

  • CtS-framework: Characterise-to-Sort (CtS) is an innovative technology to develop a generic and highly-optimised software framework for the inline characterisation of complex heterogeneous material streams using artificial intelligence and real-time stream processing.

Working together with VITO's Data Science Hub

Contact us for cooperation or support in data science.

With the support of existing VLAIO (partly in Dutch) grant instruments (research and development projects, ICON projects, Baekeland mandates, etc.), the VITO Data Science hub can support your company in applying AI in your own business. 

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