VITO has a diverse workforce and we are proud of that. What's more, we want to continue to build a fair and inclusive working environment. We believe that (the power of) diversity helps us to make a real difference and to offer innovative solutions that have an impact on society.  

We strengthen our commitment by fostering a culture based on respect and equality in content, and by ensuring equality (dignity), fairness and inclusion for all employees, regardless of their background, characteristics or preferences.

We regularly look back on the past year, agreed actions and more specifically how Diversity and Inclusion and the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) continue to take shape in our organization. Want to know more about our policies and reviews of our action plans? Check them out via the button below.

"Every person is unique... in terms of their gender, skin colour, creed, sexual orientation and nationality. History has taught us that no positive effects result from excluding or discriminating against certain groups within society.  What is more, however, the differences that exist between people actually represent added value in themselves. It is actually by endeavouring to increase diversity that we are able to raise our society up onto a higher plane. At VITO, we firmly believe that the power of diversity will help us make a genuine difference in the future and will help us produce innovative solutions that will have an impact on society."

Agnes Bosmans
Director HR & General Services at VITO

Our commitment

  • We continue to build a fair and inclusive working environment with a diverse workforce. 
  • We strengthen our positive attitude towards diversity through our corporate culture, values and leadership. 
  • We embrace diversity as an asset for innovation and enrichment of our diverse work environment. 
  • We support positive actions in all employment activities and fields (recruitment & selection, learning & development, compensation & benefits, access to facilities ...) to ensure equal opportunities and fair treatment for all (= supporting under-represented groups, not favouring them). 
  • We are open to the needs of people with unique characteristics, fight discrimination in the workplace and create an inclusive working environment. 
  • As VITO employees (present, former and future), we value each other and work respectfully together by building on each other's strengths.

Inclusion is the result of our joint efforts and this is how we go for sustainability in our relationships, in our operations and in society.

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