The VITO organizational values support the VITO change vision. They are meant to be more than just a picture on the wall, a company culture based on these values can drive the VITO strategy to results. The resulting behaviour and the actions that people take building on these values, that is what makes the difference. The VITO Code of Conduct, together with the mission and values, forms an essential part of our VITO culture.


We help to build a sustainable community. We pursue a socioeconomic development that will allow human existence also in the long term. We use the power of economic dynamics and technology  as leverage. We choose activities and areas of research where the challenges to achieve a sustainable situation are substantial.  This requires a fundamental transformation of the social system (=transition).

Fair cooperation

Based on social responsibility, we display integrity in our collaboration with all of our stake- holders. In all of our relationships, we try to create a win-win situation. As a reliable professional partner, we create value. As colleagues we act in the interest of the organisation and build on each other’s strengths. Together we can achieve our targets.



We pursue excellence in our services and in our strategic research. We use the ‘best in class’ as a reference point for the quality of our services. In order to achieve excellence, we make choices and we implement them consistently. For our services, we compare ourselves to the market leader. For our strategic research, we focus on technological developments with a social impact. Excellence can only be achieved with excellent people.


Through solution-oriented creative thinking we contribute to new applications and systems that provide an answer to social challenges. Innovating means questioning existing thinking  patterns, leaving the existing paths, performing pioneering work and taking calculated risks. We use excellent technological  expertise as our asset to be a forerunner. Our research should lead to valorisation and spin-offs.

Customer focus

We listen to our customers. We understand our customers and their strategic challenges, supporting them with anticipating future needs and developments. In this way, we co- facilitate sustainable growth. This customer focus also applies within the organisation. This is required to constantly improve the efficiency of our processes and our services.