VITO’s multidisciplinary team provides integrated chemical safety assessment of your professional activities and guidance for sustainable alternatives. Are you considering the development of new molecules than we help you already during the development phase with assessing and drawing up the requirements for REACH so that you can make the right choices and can save time and money before the market introduction.

Computational models & expert analysis

VITO is your partner in toxicology services and hands-on support

Read across and QSAR

  • Physicochemistry: SPARC, EPI-Suite
  • OECD (Q)SAR Toolbox
  • Environment : VEGA, BIOWIN, ECOSAR, CASE Ultra, TOPKAT
  • Human endpoints: ToxTree, VEGA, TTC

Exposure modelling

  • Consumers: ConsEXPO , AISE REACT
  • Environment : EUSES
  • Workers: ECETOC-TRA, Stoffenmanager, ART, EMKG-EXPO, Riskofderm, S-Risk, EN-forc and other expert models

Risk assessment

Socio-economic analysis