With its Clean Vision Summit, VITO is highlighting sustainable technologies that help companies and industries with the development of more efficient business processes, innovative products and smart services for their clients. Don’t miss your chance to discover the latest opportunities in sustainable technology for your business!

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Presentation Inge Genné
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Sustainable technology sessions

The urban living lab, a test-drive for novel technologies in the energy transition

EnergyVille is creating a unique environment for companies to test-drive their innovations in the first urban living lab in a regulatory sandbox. oPEN Thor in Genk (BE) is becoming an open innovation living lab in a real-life urban context. In this innovation hot-spot, the full value chain will converge for testing and validating combinations of different close-to-market ready technologies and services for Positive Energy Neighbourhoods. During this session Maarten De Groote, senior expert at VITO/EnergyVille, will explain how the participatory approach – where industry, government, academia and citizens co-create – will drive energy system integration far beyond the scope of what any organisation could do alone.

13h50 - 14h10 (10 minute presentation/ 10 minute Q&A)

Water for all: we take up the challenge

Water is essential to our economy. Water-intensive companies provide more than 20% of the jobs in Flanders. The water scarcity they are already facing today - and even more so tomorrow - is huge. Companies are very much aware of this fact, and want to better manage the climate risks. But how do you do that? Commissioned by the Flemish government, VITO will work with companies and for companies to build solutions for today and tomorrow. Inge Genné, programme manager water & climate, shows how innovation and cooperation can ensure that companies can anticipate and respond more autonomously to water and climate challenges

14h10- 14h30 (10 minute presentation/ 10 minute Q&A)

Technology to watch: personalised services without collecting user data

With We Are, VITO wants to give innovation a new dimension. In a future where personalised products and services are the norm, personalised data are a prerequisite for innovation. The ethical and GDPR challenges that come with this means that these data are currently only accessible to the happy few. VITO wants to change this by creating a level playing field where both large and small companies have access to personalised data. Jef Hooyberghs, head of strategic research health, explains how companies can use this in their innovation processes.

14h30 - 14h50 (10 minute presentation/ 10 minute Q&A)

Hilde Crevits
Photo Hilde Crevits

Hilde Crevits is Deputy Minister-President of the Government of Flanders, Flemish Minister for Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture 

Maarten De Groote

Maarten De Groote is senior expert in the built environment and coordinates the development of the oPEN Thor Living Lab for VITO/EnergyVille’s Smart Energy & Built environment Unit. Maarten has over 15 years’ experience in innovation in the construction sector and energy efficient, sustainable and smart buildings.

Inge Genné

Inge Genné is Program Manager Water&Climate horizon at VITO. After a research career as membrane technology expert, she kicked-off the industrial water management team focusing on the implementation of water efficiency and reuse strategies. Inge is the driving force behind the expansion of VITO’s market driven research & innovation under the umbrella of the WaterClimateHub. 

Jef Hooyberghs

Jef Hooyberghs started at VITO as a data scientist in 2003. Since 2006 he has been part time professor at UHasselt and is affiliated with the university’s Data Science Institute. At VITO he is research leader as well as founder and head of the Data Science team where data-driven research is applied to accelerate transitions to a sustainable society.

Bruno Reyntjens
Photo Bruno Reyntjens

Bruno Reyntjens is Commercial Director at VITO. Bruno is focused on the transformation of a strongly research driven organization towards an excellent and more valorization driven research organization that answers to the innovation needs of companies and governments. Bruno also coordinates the international activities for VITO.

Charlotte Struye

Deputy director Cleantech Flanders & moderator Clean Vision Summit