The Clean Vision Summit's third edition has inspired hundreds of visitors and dozens of companies. VRT journalist Ann De Bie guided the guests through a day of plenary sessions, pitches, a tech fair and a range of interesting side events.

What can we do to make our companies, our industrial processes and our products more sustainable? How can we save our planet and our economy at the same time? 

De Clean Vision Summit showed vision and gave answers.

Minister Jo Brouns was happy with this initiative: "I am pleased with an initiative such as the Clean Vision Summit that reaches out to companies to inspire, inform and connect in order to make the sustainability transition a reality together with knowledge institutions and policy makers."

"We should not turn away from our industry. In fact, we should help them to become greener and more circular," stated Sophie Bracke, alderman in Ghent. That's exactly why VITO organises its Clean Vision Summit.

"Technology is not 'the' answer, it is part of the answer," said Bruno Reyntjens of VITO. Only a holistic and systemic answer can lead to a solution. And Flanders can be a leader here, believes Benjamin Clarysse of environmental federation Bond Beter Leefmilieu.

"If we want to take a step forward, we can only do so if we find partners. The economy, industry and sustainability need not compete with each other. It is an opportunity for business that simultaneously has an impact on society", argued Juan Carlos Alonso of Bekaert.

This year's Clean Vision Summit focused on 4 topics

Energy solutions for the future

The transition towards a safe, sustainable and affordable energy system is on its way. Our research includes materials and components up to the level of complete energy systems, business models and strategies. 

Circular & bio-based economy in practice

VITO helps governments and companies to make the transition to circular thinking and develops circular business models. We also support innovation that transforms waste streams into raw materials and basic materials for new or existing products.

How can we do more with less water

The Blue Deal was launched as a series of measures to prepare Flanders against water scarcity and drought. VITO's contribution include its water-related tools and innovation projects such as the Water barometer, the WaterArchitect and the Nature Value Explorer. 

Preventive & personalised health

Preventive and personalised are the characteristics that will define the health system of the future. It will be participatory, data and technology driven, respecting the privacy of citizens. 

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