A world in transition

Countries are faced with climate change and a need to adapt to a world in transition. Under the Paris Agreement they also have the duty to comply with international climate target plans and reporting systems. It is a known fact that the cost of measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is enormous. In addition, we are already witnessing the impact of climatic changes: extreme rainfall, deadly flooding, persistent droughts, urban heat island effects or enlarged weather variability. These are all phenomena that urge climate adaptation

VITO has been a trusted partner in climate policy and international climate negotiations. We have supported governments and international organizations in climate action for the past 25 years.

How we can help

  • We help with plans to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon emissions
  • We help monitor and quantify climate change and its impacts in diverse sectors such as energy, agriculture, biodiversity, urban development and health
  • To shape a climate-resilient society, we provide insights in climate change hazards and impacts together with adaptation analysis for short and long term policy making
  • We assist you with stakeholder engagement via interactive climate portals, citizen-science data collection, workshops and transition arenas to support program management and action planning. 
  • We help shape policy frameworks as well as put forward efficient measures
  • We keep track of global trends such as urbanization, population growth, land use shifts,…
  • In the realm of climate projects VITO has been involved in, our services can help mobilize climate funding

Our product offering

Our services and solutions help with planning and monitoring of climate mitigation and adaptation measures.

Why collaborate with VITO?

  • Open & collaborative
  • Integrated with technology
  • Countless demonstrations
  • Research oriented
  • Independent
  • Not-for-profit


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