Climate impact quantification and assistance in adaptation planning to boost your resilience

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Our services

VITO quantifies climate change impact to boost your resilience. We translate raw climate data into ready-to-use information, actionable insights and adaptation plans that meet your needs. Whether you are active in agriculture, biodiversity or urban environments, VITO empowers you against climate change impacts and facilitates decision-making, planning and adaptation strategies.

Need climate information for your agricultural management?
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CLIMTAG™, the Climate Information Tool for Agriculture, offers you customized, accessible agro climate information for building climate robust agro systems.

Is your city prepared for climate change?
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Rely on our high-resolution urban heat maps to improve active mobility and urban planning in your city and to protect cultural heritage and citizen’s health.

Our expertise

  • Strong background in regional and urban climate modelling
  • Urban heat island/heat stress assessments integrating modelling and measurements (from in-situ and community participants)
  • Future projections based on the most recent climate projections (CMIP6)
  • Operational climate data processing, visualization, dashboard and service development
  • Impact quantification of climate change (urban, health, biodiversity, agriculture)
  • Advice to enhance resilience (local, regional, national and international clients)
  • Stakeholder engagement, awareness creation and community building 
our expertise


Niamey Climate Forest

Support Niamey’s action plan for massive tree planting as a climate resilience measure

Urban heat monitoring & policy support in South Africa

Facilitate community-driven urban heat monitoring campaign and policy support in Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni


Diagnose the city’s resilience in terms of disasters, climate risks and emission intensity and quantify its future risks

Climate information service for global biodiversity

Operational climate service for the global biodiversity community in the framework of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)


Online dashboard with tailored past and future climate information, including information on the onset of the rainy season, for over 20 countries across the African continent

Climate-health risk management in INdia

Online climate-health information service to support the risk management of urban heat conditions

Urban climate information platform Niger

Urban climate change information platform for Niamey in Niger, tailored to the needs of local authorities and stakeholders from civil society

StratAdapt: Climate adaptation measures for resilient crop production in Mali

In this VITO-led project, we explore the effectiveness of promising climate adaptation measures for resilient crop production in Mali.