VITO wants to make young people aware of the potential of deep geothermal energy. School groups regularly visit the Balmatt site. In 2016, more than 1300 pupils came to take a look. In 2017, that figure had already reached 1800. In that same year, 17 schools in Antwerp and Limburg worked on STEM projects on deep geothermal energy.


VITO has developed an interesting educational project concerning the deep geothermal energy plant in Mol. In 2017, a school project was carried out whereby secondary school pupils created a scale model of the subsoil in the Campine during experience days. They also designed a visualisation of a heating network in Mol and Geel, played an educational video game and built models. The school project received the support of the Flemish government, which is hoping to warm young people up to STEM subjects.

We are offering school visits in the school year 2017-2018. Our focus is on the use of deep geothermal energy and heat networks. 


In 2016, young people performed the science fiction musical ontSTEMd on the subject of geothermal energy in 2030 under the impetus of VITO. This allowed them to learn about deep geothermal energy, heating networks and sustainable heat in a playful and creative manner. VITO received the Eos public's choice award for science communication with the musical.