Yuvraj Birdja has a background in mechanical engineering (MSc. from TU Delft) and electrochemistry (PhD. and MSc. from Leiden University). Since his bachelor studies Yuvraj was intrigued by electrochemical processes and worked on various reactions: electrochemical nitrate reduction and glycerol electro-oxidation after which he pursued a PhD on the topic of electrocatalytic CO2 reduction under supervision of prof. dr. Marc Koper.

Yuvraj is currently working as a research scientist and project manager in the electrochemistry team of the unit separation and conversion technologies. He is involved in the electrocatalysis research at VITO. Yuvraj's research interests are fundamental as well as applied electrocatalysis, electrochemical engineering, electrosynthesis and reactor engineering and optimization of electrochemical technologies. 

Yuvraj Birdja has co-authored 18 publications in peer-reviewed journals since 2012, with about 2500 citations and an H-index of 15 (Google Scholar). He is co-inventor of 2 patents. He is a member of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE), American Chemical Society (ACS), Dutch Catalysis Society (DCS) and a reviewer for scientific journals ACS Catalysis, Journal of Catalysis, Journal of CO2 Utilization, ChemSusChem, Sustainable Energy & Fuels and Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. He is also a regular expert evaluator for national, European and international funding programs.