The transition towards a safe, sustainable, and affordable energy system is underway. Our research includes materials and components up to the level of complete energy systems, business models and strategies. Discover how we help businesses and governments reach their goals.

There is no lack of ambition in Europe: by 2050 the European Union wants to be climate neutral. There is much to be gained in terms of energy, with a supply that still strongly relies on fossil fuels today. A sustainable energy system starts with the largest possible share of low-carbon energy sources.

The non-ETS emissions that count for half of the greenhouse gas emissions in Belgium must be reduced by one third by 2030. A big challenge, that means we must fully engage in climate friendly mobility and building heating, and to make sectors like agriculture and waste treatment more sustainable.

At VITO, we approach the energy transition with a systemic vision. And from different angles: technological, economical and sociological. Thanks to our strong multidisciplinary character and the complementarity of our research partners we fully cover our research in the entire value chain. Our research includes materials and components up to the level of complete energy systems, business models and strategies.

Digital energy solutions

Thermal demand side management

We all want a lower energy bill. And we all prefer green energy instead of fossil fuels. That’s where digital heat comes in. As much of 60% of our energy is heat and district heating networks is a technology that has been around for decades. Can we make them smarter? In fact, we can! By applying AI and using the assets that are already there: the thermal mass of buildings.

Learn more on how you can flatten the curve and shift energy demand with the STORM District Energy Controller.

Smart electric vehicle charging

Uncontrolled charging of electric vehicles may lead to peak consumption. The Smart Electric Vehicle Charging plan developed by VITO/Energyville helps organise an optimised interaction between electric cars and electricity grids. We use available infrastructure more effectively, offer a better service to car owners, and lower energy costs.

Discover the advantages of smart electric vehicle charging and how it's being tested in practice.

Cost effective energy planning for buildings

Reducing our environmental footprint is essential if we are going to reach our CO2 reduction goals for 2030 and 2050. But how can we determine the optimal way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions emanating from buildings, districts or cities? And what investments will be the most cost effective? 

Urban Energy Pathfinder calculates the most effective mix of measures to ensure that energy is used sustainably in a building, street, district, or city.

Battery lifecycle

Integrating intelligence in batteries with Smart Cell technology

The SmartCell is an advanced battery management platform that benefits many stakeholders in the battery value chain. It is based on one intelligent tiny piece of electronics integrated in the battery cell and interfaced on a single wire backbone. The SmartCell provides a strong technical solution, attractive savings, it guarantees circularity and sustainability towards 2nd life applications.

Safe transport of lithium batteries by air

In recent years, there have been several incidents of uncontrolled fires during flights, caused by lithium batteries. This was why the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) banned the separate transport of lithium batteries as cargo on passenger flights in 2016. To study these problems VITO/EnergyVille co-ordinated the Sabatair project on behalf of the European Commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Infrastructure: develop, test and validate energy systems for smart cities

Companies can count on VITO to realise their ideas for sustainable innovation. Call on the multidisciplinary approach of our experts, or make use of our labs with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The oPEN Thor Living Lab is a European pioneer in innovation for positive energy neighbourhoods (PEN), incorporating a science & business park, an incubator for start-ups and scale-ups, a PEN living lab, and two residential areas (New Texas and Garden suburbs, Genk).

The oPEN Thor Living Lab
The oPEN Thor Living Lab

More expertise


With the potential of achieving zero emission via the use of renewable electricity, we believe that the application of electrochemical alternatives are a promising solution for the sustainable production of a wide range of chemicals and fuels

Circular business models

Do you want create value in the emerging circular economy? Are you curious on how to prepare your products, business strategy, and processes to achieve this? VITO has the expertise, experience, and necessary decision support methods to de-risk and optimize your sustainability strategy on this highly relevant business topic.

Deep geothermal energy

Switching to sustainable energy sources is necessary to reach climate neutrality and to become less dependent on energy imports. Because wind and solar energy depend on the weather there is a need for energy sources that are available 24/7. That’s where deep geothermal energy comes in. It is a continuous, sustainable energy source that supplies heat and electricity at the same time. 

Sustainability evaluations

Saying that you manufacture environmentally friendly building materials is one thing. Proving it is something else. This is why the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) was incorporated in a Royal Decree in 2014. It lays down the rules regarding environmental claims on building products.