iFLUX, the latest spin-off of UAntwerp and VITO, developed an innovative groundwater monitor to accurately and efficiently map the spread of soil pollution.

Complex soil pollution is often linked to an endlessly long and far too expensive remediation process. This is caused by the uncertainty of what truly moves below ground. Traditional measurements only make a ‘snapshot’ of the pollution in the soil: with what substance and in what quantity is a certain spot polluted? The young spin-off iFLUX tackles it in an innovative way by monitoring the spread of the pollution via the groundwater towards our drinking water basins or residential areas, for a longer period of time. This results in a more accurate image of the pollution and the risk, and allows for more efficient and faster remediation.

“We use our own, patented technology,” founders Goedele Verreydt and Tim Op ‘t Eyndt explain. “Together with a recognised soil expert, we draw up a monitoring plan that determines the waterflux. After the measurement campaign, we analyse and interpret the data, which is often crucial information for the expert in order to correctly assess the risks and apply the most efficient remediation technique.”

The newcomer has already experienced a moment of glory by winning a prestigious European award. In Copenhagen, iFLUX won the NICOLE Innovation Award 2017 for the most promising and innovative technology in the field of soil management.


Tim Op ’t Eyndt (Managing director) – tim@ifluxsampling.com

Goedele Verreydt (Technical director) – goedele@ifluxsampling.com