With the upcoming growing season for 2018, WatchITgrow continues to offer potato growers the opportunity to monitor their potato fields via satellite for free!

The WatchITgrow web application contains a number of new features. First of all there is the shadow map which shows growers the sunny vs. shadowed parts of their fields. This map enables variable rate planting. By planting less in the shadowed parts plants get more sunlight, water and nutrients compared to normal planting density and will result in higher yield. This practice allows double advantage: an economy in planting and better yield in shadow zones. The map is also a handy tool for creating green zones in the shaded field borders in the frame of the greening obligations.

The new version makes it even easier to enter field data. The grower can now input data for several fields at the same time, import field boundaries and information via shape or kml files and choose from a predefined selection list of legally permitted plant protection products.

In the coming weeks WatchITgrow still plans a number of extensions. Growers are now able to compare their fields more quickly based on growth curves. They will also be able to view a field’s history.

From July 2018 it will also be possible to monitor other crops than potatoes via WatchITgrow. From then on you will be able to request information on sugar beet, corn, various vegetables, ....

We will keep you informed on these novelties.

Visit the website at www.watchitgrow.be to be on top of the novelties.

More info for users: support@watchitgrow.be 

More info for the press: Jürgen Decloedt, VITO, +32 476 41 48 69


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