Six Flemish partners - including Vlakwa and VITO - are working together with 30 European partners in the European Horizon 2020 B-WaterSmart project to accelerate the transition to a water-smart economy and society. Innovative reuse of (waste) water is tested in so-called living labs, spread across Europe.

The project is also launching a first version of the 'Knowledge Portal for Circular Economy (CE) and Watersmartness'. This portal is aimed at utilities, authorities and industrial companies looking for solutions to water challenges in the form of circular processes and water reuse. Knowledge centres and technology companies can present their innovative knowledge and technology in the portal.

The portal offers the following services:

  • Knowledge database of collected experiences with circular economy (CE) and water smartness on demonstration sites
  • Toolbox with access to smart applications and tools for CE and water smartness
  • Marketplace where stakeholders can learn, share solutions and create new collaborations for challenges at national, regional and local level

The portal can be accessed free of charge. The knowledge database and toolbox are already freely accessible to all users. The marketplace itself will only be available to registered users. Registering as a user will be possible from 22 March 2022 when a new update of the platform will be launched.

The first version of the knowledge platform was developed by the Horizon 2020 NextGen project and is now being further developed by B-WaterSmart. When the project ends, the portal will be taken over and permanently managed by Water Europe.

More information about the living labs in Flanders can be found on our website of the website of Vlakwa.

Read more about the project in the first edition of B-Watersmart magazine and watch the B-Watersmart project video below.

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