During the SuperNova Expeditoin, author Dr. Wouter Lefebvre presents his book: ‘Onze Lucht’ (Our Air – Dutch book). He tells us everything we need to know about air quality.

Book presentation
‘Onze lucht – what you need to know about air quality’
Wouter Lefebvre

Thursday 27 September at 1 pm. – SuperNova Expedition
Central dome of the VITO Sustainability Pavilion in front of the Felix Pakhuis
Het Eilandje – Antwerp

Wouter gives answers to questions like:

  • Which are the main polluters in Flanders: our heaters, our vehicles, livestock farming, electricity generation, industrial processes …?
  • How does ozone chemistry work and why are there higher ozone peaks in rural areas than in the city?
  • How does a street canyon lead to alarming nitrogen concentrations?
  • What was going on with dieselgate and how did the fake software work?
  • What is the relationship between air quality and climate disruption?
  • What impact does air pollution have on people and the environment?

‘Onze lucht’ indicates the complex scientific knowledge in a clear way with a minimum of jargon. In addition, it offers answers for the future and suggests concrete actions to tackle the sources of pollution.

‘Onze lucht’ is published by Lannoo and is available from today. Paperback – 176 pages – EAN: 9789401456470 – Nur code: Mens en Maatschappij algemeen

Wouter Lefebvre studied physics at KU Leuven and obtained a PhD in climatology at the UCL. During the past ten years at VITO, he specialised in the modeling of air quality. He is an advisory expert in many air quality studies, including the CurieuzenNeuzen campaign.

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