Cleantech, short for clean technology, is defined as a the collection of all technologies that contribute to a cleaner environment and energy savings, accelerating the transition to a sustainable society.

It is not a classic sector, it is cross sectoral and plays a role in various domains covering energy, circular economy, mobility, air, water and soil. Cleantech produces cleantech products, processes and services that improve both operational and environmental performance.

More and more companies are endorsing the demand for sustainability. In order to develop their circular and sustainable initiatives, they can turn to Cleantech Flanders for inspiration, opportunities and information.

Cleantech Flanders promotes and stimulates the implementation of clean technologies which accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

It is a catalyst for innovation and implementation of clean technologies in society and operates across sectors on multiple cleantech domains.

Cleantech companies can discover on the new website everything they want to know about:

  • Cleantech in Flanders
  • Solutions for cleantech problems
  • How to grow your enterprise internationally

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