To increase awareness about cleantech solutions, Cleantech Flanders introduced the first ‘Cleantech Heroes’ in 2021.  Flemish companies within the network of Cleantech Flanders who develop and market innovative cleantech solutions can register to be selected as Cleantech Hero within their domain.

Opportunities for cleantech companies

The positive impact (in Flanders and beyond) of these cleantech companies must be clearly verifiable. The TRL level of their cleantech solution, the link to the SDGs and the company’s potential to be an ‘ambassador’ of the Flemish cleantech in Belgium and abroad are a few of the selection criteria to obtain the prestigious Cleantech Hero label. Companies that win the award, gain momentum during a whole year. The Cleantech Heroes can wear the label for a full year, they may also present their innovation at G-STIC 2022 (Dubai) and receive promotional support through Cleantech Flanders channels. Permanent jury members of this election are Dirk Fransaer (CEO VITO), Frans Snijkers (Director Cleantech Flanders) and Claire Tillekaerts (CEO Flanders Investment & Trade). For each category of the Cleantech Hero the permanent jury will be assisted by a number of guest jury members with expertise in the specific domain.

Cleantech Hero Water technology

In March 2021 BOSAQ, a company that develops innovative technology for decentralised drinking water purification solutions, was selected as the first Cleantech Hero Water technology. After an initial selection, three finalists were chosen: BOSAQ, Hydrovolta and InOpSys. In the end, the jury decided that BOSAQ was the perfect ambassador. In its report, the jury praised the company not only for its strong commitment to circular water use, but also for its attention to socially responsible entrepreneurship. BOSAQ donates at least 10 % of its profits to the non-profit organisation Water Heroes, which helps vulnerable local communities gain access to better sanitary facilities and clear drinking water. BOSAQ also takes care of technology transfer to the local population. It manages to combine sustainable objectives and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Its international approach and ambition and the fact that the company aligns its business goals with the SDGs strengthened its position.   

Cleantech Hero Circular Economy

In this category 5 finalists were appointed: Circular Matters, Nuresys, Orineo, Resus and THIOMATERIALS. “We had to conclude that our five finalists scored very highly on many points”, the jury stated. After deliberation, the jury elected THIOMATERIALS of De Bonte group as second Cleantech Hero laureate in June 2021. THIOMATERIALS specialises in the development of railway sleepers and sewage pipes from 100 % circular sulphur concrete

Cleantech Hero Energy

During this first year when Cleantech Heroes were selected, all the honour was given to Turbulent Hydro as the first Cleantech Hero Energy. The jury selected three finalists: Smappee, the Sniffers and Turbulent Hydro. Once again the jury was very impressed by the level of the candidates. However the choice of the jury experts went almost unanimously to Turbulent Hydro. “Turbulent has carefully chosen to develop a technology that is mainly suitable for countries in emerging economies and with a clear link to a number of SDGs. It highlights everything that a sustainable innovation project should be.” Turbulent Hydro changes the way new hydropower is developed. A Turbulent micro-hydropower plant requires no dams, no river impediments and no large infrastructure.

Cleantech Hero Mobility

Is your company a frontrunner with sustainable mobility solutions? Does your company develop clean mobility technologies? Does your company provide an important contribution to a more sustainable world in the domain of mobility?

Then you have the chance to become the first Cleantech Hero Mobility!

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