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The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) and Connectum have developed, in collaboration with Fost Plus, a CO2 meter in the shape of a little house for primary schools. The houses are made of recycled polypropylene (PP) from the New Blue Bag. Recycled materials from butter tubs and plastic pots, among other things, are thus given a new life. Fost Plus makes available free of charge more than 2000 CO2 meters to Flemish primary school classes via its training sessions on (packaging) recycling and Walloons schools participating in the "Label Ecole Plus Propre", focusing on waste management (including the recycling of packaging). The expansion of the sorting message to include plastic packaging saves about 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year in Belgium.

A good indoor climate is important for good physical and mental health. Adequate ventilation of busy spaces like classrooms is an essential measure to combat COVID-19 and other viruses. The CO2 meter developed by VITO, Connectum and Fost Plus makes pupils and teachers aware, in an easily accessible way, of the importance of good air quality. If the house is green, this means there is good ventilation. If it is orange or red, it is time to open the windows and get some fresh air into the classroom.

Made in Belgium thanks to the New Blue Bag

Thanks to the expansion of the sorting message to include plastic packaging, around 8 extra kilograms of plastic per resident is recycled every year. The packaging that can now be disposed of in the PMD bin includes butter tubs, flasks, bottles and plastic pots made of PP. This material is now recycled by trusted partners in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. 

Connectum is a production company from Wuustwezel. Mainly known for its “Clics” building blocks, now they work in co-creation with knowledge institutions and other partners to create unique products that use fewer resources and thus relieve the pressure on our planet. In collaboration with VITO, which developed the technology, they make CO2 meters out of recycled plastic. Fost Plus provides the recycled material straight out of the New Blue Bag.

Mik Van Gaever, COO of Fost Plus: “It’s important to complete the materials loop. By using recycled materials, we protect our natural resources and help care for our environment. The fact that the CO2 houses are made of recycled material from the New Blue Bag is a fine example of the circular economy. It makes the recycling process very concrete, and motivates everyone even more to sort packaging correctly.

Starting young

It’s never too early to start dealing sustainably with waste. Good sorting is the perfect place to start, because this is the easiest way to make a good contribution to a more sustainable society. What’s more, children take the good habits they have learnt at school home with them. Fost Plus has therefore developed a wide range of training programmes for schools. Customized educational workshops, labelling projects and lesson packages raise pupils’ awareness of the importance of good sorting and a sustainable approach to waste.

“Children learn in a playful way to see the bigger picture when it comes to dealing sustainably with waste and materials, and they discover that their actions really do have an impact. Provide this educational offer is part of our role as an engine of the circular economy for household packaging”, concludes Mik Van Gaever.

Every year in Flanders, Fost Plus (in collaboration with the Flemish Region) offers educational workshops, including in more than 400 primary schools. In Wallonia, in partnership with Be WaPP, the company is offering schools a labelling project on waste management, including personalised on-site support and activities. All schools can also download fun and enriching educational packages online. The organisation makes available more than 2000 CO2 meters to classes that register for a training session starting in January 2022 (LABO – ‘Leren Afval Beheren op School’ (Learning to Manage Waste at School)) or involved in the project “Label Ecole Plus Propre”. For more information:


About Fost Plus and Connectum

About Fost Plus

Fost Plus is a non-profit organisation responsible for the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium. Through organisation, financing and communication, we implement the circular packaging economy in practical terms. We recycle almost 95% of the household packaging on the market every year, thanks to the efficient collection of glass, paper-cardboard and PMD. Packaging management has evolved firmly in the direction of sustainable materials management. To this end, we work closely with all parties concerned: companies, federations, authorities, intermunicipal organisations, collection, sorting and recycling partners and the general public. Fost Plus was established in 1994 with the impetus of trade and industry, and operates throughout Belgium. By participating in Fost Plus’ collective system, packaging companies contribute to achieving the ambitious Belgian and European recycling objectives.   

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As an independent and customer-oriented research organisation, VITO offers both innovative technological solutions and scientifically based advice and support to promote sustainable development and strengthen the economic and social fabric of Flanders.

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