More than 5,000 pupils are learning about deep geothermal energy in a playful manner, including in the geothermal power plant itself from 2018.

VITO has been organising guided tours of the Balmatt site in Mol for several years now, together with VOKA, GoodPlanet and the Province of Antwerp, to introduce pupils to deep geothermal energy, a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Geothermal tour for STEM 2.0

Construction work on the first deep geothermal power station in Flanders was completed in 2018. This created the opportunity to move the 'deep geothermal energy for STEM' guided tours to the power station itself. After all, how better to get to know this sustainable energy source than at the very heart of energy production?
The revamped guided tour was launched in October 2018, with a number of new highlights. For example, a cross section of the deep subsoil and the various soil layers was created in the stairwell.  The students can also take a virtual tour of the power station wearing 3D glasses. So far, this has allowed more than 5,000 pupils to learn about the deep geothermal system in a playful manner.
GoodPlanet is responsible for the coordination of the guided tours, in consultation with the schools. In its role, it ensures that the guided tour fits the topics of energy, sustainability and STEM.

Living room of the future

The students undergoing technical training at Kogeka, Campus Het Spoor and TISP have created the 'living room of the future': a house made using a timber construction frame was connected to the heat grid so that it can supply the heating and hot water.