Europe aims to reduce emissions of ammonia and methane. The central question is how to quickly and accurately measure these emissions. For this purpose, a measuring infrastructure is being developed in this EFRO project that can detect and measure both substances extremely accurately, quickly, and simultaneously.

The ammonia-methane measurement infrastructure comprises a Picarro Cavity Down Ring Spectrometer (CRDS) (G2509) capable of simultaneously measuring methane and ammonia with very high sensitivity (ppb for ammonia and ppm for methane) and high time resolution (seconds). The device is housed in a weather-resistant enclosure and equipped with suitable sampling lines (for ammonia), enabling stand-alone measurements for extended periods. The continuous and automatic measurement equipment can be flexibly deployed in various environments and locations, from background sites to near sources.

"Enhancing Understanding of Ammonia and Methane for Emission Reduction and Source Detection"

"This project enables us to detect sources of methane and ammonia, providing insights into concentration differences and dynamics of these sources, with the aim of reducing methane and ammonia emissions. It facilitates research and development of emission reduction techniques for these components, allowing for testing and further improvement of efficiency. Additionally, the project supports the further development of innovative measurement techniques (sensors) for methane and ammonia, through real-life testing and under controlled laboratory conditions.

With the new infrastructure in place, we can better serve and support businesses, governments, and stakeholders in advancing developments for a healthier environment and climate. Target audiences include the agricultural sector, developers of emission reduction technologies, innovative measurement techniques, as well as policymakers and researchers.

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, with a financial support of 74k euros.

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