Electromagnetic 3D campaign in Bree-Maaseik region - Virginie Harcouët-Menou & David Lagrou

An exploratory geological research is always performed for the development of the geothermal potential of an area. Because of cost efficiency, the status of the subsurface is first mapped by geophysical measurements carried out on the earth’s surface.  The two techniques that are most frequently used are seismic and electromagnetic measurements (EM).

In the framework of the EFRO SALK, the French geophysical company CGG under guidance of VITO starts in the second half of May 2017 with an electromagnetic 3D campaign in the border zone of the Roerdalslenk, in the region of Bree-Maaseik. With this field campaign we examine whether the deep fault zones possess an increased permeability for efficient use of deep geothermal energy. The main goal is to reduce the risks and costs for development of geothermal plants.