On 14 December, the general practitioners’ association Domus Medica and research organisation VITO signed a strategic agreement with which they want to give the preventive health care in Flanders a sustainable boost. Citizens are central in that story. In fact, there will be a digital version of the Health guide citizens can use themselves.

For Domus Media, the largest association of general practitioners groups in Flanders, our health care system must above all prevent diseases. Technology can be a decisive factor in putting the shift of emphasis from control to prevention into practice, without sacrificing the quality of care. By using innovative digital tools, GPs can involve citizens directly and provide immediate feedback. This enables doctors to propose targeted measures that people can take to reduce their risk of a (chronic) disease and thus stay healthy longer. The other partner in this marriage between technology and preventive health care is VITO.

Jef Hooyberghs, research manager at VITO Health about the collaboration:

“VITO and Domus Medica complement each other very well in translating scientific insights into personalised health advice and to give citizens a leasing role. The ultimate goal of this strategic collaboration is to keep our health system affordable and of high-quality.”

Dr. Leo Geudens of the knowledge domain ICT at Domus Medica, one of the driving forces in this collaboration:

“Before summer we will jointly launch a digital version of the Health guide, a tool with which every citizen can work to secure his health in a scientifically sound way. The advantage for general practitioners is that the digital version of the Health guide is integrated in the eHealth environment, which enables direct interaction with the medical record and other care providers. Any technological innovation that helps general practitioners take on their supporting role as a preventive health coach is welcome.”

This strategic cross-fertilisation between the technological expertise of VITO and the medical expertise of Domus Medica is unique in Flanders. Both organisations want to realise a sustainable business model and ensure that their initiatives are fully put into practice. Both VITO’s reputation for technological innovation and Domus Medica’s support in primary care are crucial.

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Jef Hooyberghs
Research manager VITO
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Christophe Dekoninck
Managing Director Domus Medica
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