The first Cleantech Hero Mobility is known. And once again, the jury was almost unanimous. In these times when concern for the climate goes hand in hand with the search for sustainable non-fossil energy, hydrogen-powered heavy transport is a big step in the right direction. E-Trucks Europe may therefore call itself a true Cleantech Hero Mobility.

Once again, the jury was very impressed by the level of the candidates. They were judged on the relevance of the innovations, the TRL level, the impact in Flanders and the international ambitions of the company, the extent to which the company can act as an ambassador for Flemish cleantech, the implementation of the SDGs and the cooperation with all segments of the quadruple helix.

After an initial selection, three finalists emerged in the Mobility category: E-Trucks Europe, Aptus and Rear Window. The choice for E-Trucks was thoroughly justified by the jury. The technology offered by the company makes an immediate contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in traffic, and hydrogen-powered trucks fit right in with innovative cleantech. It is a clean technology that has the potential to make a particularly large sustainability impact at home and abroad. Moreover, the technology offered by E-Trucks Europe is marketable. The choice of trucks for waste collection is particularly appreciated. After all, this involves quiet but necessary transport with a very short route to the citizen. "Such entrepreneurs who dare to 'jump' and invest are needed to get hydrogen up and running as a sustainable fuel." Especially when it comes to heavy transport.

Over E-Trucks Europe

E-Trucks Europe is based in Lommel and is specialised in finding innovative solutions for sustainable transport. It produces hydrogen-hybrid vehicles with an electric drive train. As a result, E-Trucks are silent road users and generate no emissions. Thanks to the built-in hydrogen system, which converts hydrogen into electricity, the vehicles are operational 24/7 and remain clean.

Companies that win the 2022 award in their theme, gain momentum during a whole year. They will receive promotional support through Cleantech Flanders channels and can present their innovation at G-STIC2023. The winner will also receive a 2-minute company report that can also be used for promotional purposes.

Over de jury

The jury for this Cleantech Flanders Hero Mobility included Claire Tillekaerts (FIT), Dirk Fransaer (VITO), Frans Snijkers (Cleantech Flanders), Steve Sel (VIL), Goedele Sannen (Agoria) and Jean-Marc Timmermans (VOKA).

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