In recent months, Living Tomorrow has attracted more than 30 innovative companies and organisations to jointly realise an innovation vision for 2030 on 5 themes: smart homes & consumer services, smart mobility, smart health & care, smart buildings and smart cities & industry. With Schüco, OneSpan, UGent, Medtronic, Baloise Insurance, Xella, Mercedes-Benz, Fluvius, ABB, Miele and now also EnergyVille, Living Tomorrow will test various proof of concepts in real life situations. In addition, a new campus is also being developed on the current Living Tomorrow site in Vilvoorde.

5 domains which will radically change the world in the next 10 years

The world has changed enormously in recent months. Companies and organisations are looking for ways to adapt and be agile for the world of tomorrow. In that regard, Living Tomorrow, in collaboration with various partners, wants to visualise and stimulate innovation. Frank Beliën, president and founder of Living Tomorrow confirms “Our partners come from different sectors, but have a common goal: to improve the future through innovative solutions. We learn from each other, inspire and strengthen each other. Open innovation and ecosystems focusing on innovation are the future. Especially when the construction of the innovation campus will start this autumn. There, together with all our partners, we will establish a unique project where future innovations and real-life meet. This way, we are responding to an urgent need from the business community, as we notice in the rapidly growing number of interested parties”.

Together with more than 30 partners, Living Tomorrow bundles forces around five themes:

  • smart homes & services
  • smart mobility & logistics
  • smart health
  • smart buildings & infrastructure
  • smart cities & industry 4.0.

Themes with a major social impact, which citizens, organisations, cities & municipalities and companies come into contact with.

EnergyVille as energy innovator

EnergyVille and its partners KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt also join as a knowledge partner and help shape the themes above. “Whether it concerns mobility, housing, industry or logistics, everything is literally and figuratively linked by the need for energy and the physical connection to the grid. By helping to shape the innovations in these sectors, EnergyVille also contributes to a carbon-free society outside the energy sector. The partnership with Living Tomorrow is the logical step for us to continue this collaboration in demonstration projects. We are therefore looking forward to supporting various innovation projects on a brand new campus in Vilvoorde and implementing technologies in real-life on-site ”, says Thomas Polfliet, Business Developer Flexibility, Grid & Market design at EnergyVille / VITO.

The construction site (and afterwards also the entire innovation campus) in Vilvoorde functions as a unique living lab. The brand-new campus will open its doors in 2022, and includes a hotel, an experience centre and various offices.

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