Signing of cooperation protocol VITO-FWO

Brussels, 30 August 2018: VITO and FWO are planning to provide financial support to four predoctoral fellowships on an annual basis as of 2019, two more than at present. It will include two PhD fellowships fundamental research and two PhDs strategic research. The grants are awarded to young, promising researchers selected for a fellowship by the FWO jury, which in view of the limited success rate, cannot be financed. The research proposal of these candidates must be in line with the research themes of VITO, sustainable chemistry, energy, health, land use and materials management. The VITO-FWO predoctoral fellowship is appointed for a period of two years and can, in case of a positive evaluation, be renewed for two years.

With the continuation and expansion of the VITO-FWO fellowships for young researchers, both organisations aim to boost fundamental and strategic research in which different institutions are joining forces. Hence, the researchers must always be affiliated with a Flemish university or as a postdoc with a Flemish university, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, the Vlerick Business School, the Antwerp Management School or the Maritime Academy, as required by the FWO.

As in previous years, VITO and FWO will continue to support the two VITO-FWO PhD fellowships. These run over a period of three years and are also awarded to FWO candidates ranked by FWO panels who have a proposal that corresponds to the research carried out at VITO.

Secretary General FWO Hans Willems, FWO Chairman Willy Verstraete, VITO Chairman Ingrid Vanden Berghe and Managing Director VITO Dirk Fransaer, signing the new cooperation agreement offering more opportunities to young, promising researchers.

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