Stiemerlab is a project that wants to map the water quality of the Stiemer. This is done by collecting data via sensors and taking water samples at various locations in the Stiemer valley.

Photo: Boumediene Belbachir

Citizen Science project Stiemerlab

As part of the citizen science project Stiemerlab, some 40 Genk residents are helping to analyse the water quality of the Stiemerbeek. The water samples are taken at sixteen different locations between the source area in Waterschei and the nature reserve De Maten. VITO placed the CTD sensors in the Stiemerbeek and set up an operational infrastructure for accessing the measurement data.

In addition to carrying out the measurements, the citizen scientists are also involved in maintaining the sensors. VITO gives them the necessary training and ensured the development of the necessary protocols for maintenance. 

Better management of the local water system

The data is useful for tackling water pollution caused by overflows and allows the experts to better understand and therefore manage the local water system. 

The citizen can easily follow the data on a dashboard:, which increases the awareness of water quality.

The first measurements were carried out by the participants and are now being analysed.


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