VITO's research leader in sustainable materials management Karl Vrancken will be a member of the Scientific Committee to provide scientific advice to the Board and Management of the European Environment Agency for the next four years.

The Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency (EEA) brings together independent researchers from different Member States and different research areas. Members of the Scientific Committee give advice on the work programmes, recruitment of scientific staff and all scientific aspects of the EEA.   

As a member of the Scientific Committee, VITO's research leader for sustainable materials management, Karl Vrancken, will be able to leverage VITO's knowledge and expertise on circular economy at the European level for the next four years:  

"The EEA, with its data collection and evaluation, is the engine for the European environmental policy. They explore new trends but also monitor the effects of existing policies. As a member of the scientific committee, we increase the impact of our VITO knowledge and are at the centre of the scientific debate on the future and the results of the European Green Deal."  

Karl is following in the footsteps of Health researcher Greet Schoeters who was a member of the EEA Scientific Committee from 2012 to 2020, the last 4 years of which as vice chair:

"It is very exciting and challenging to support the EEA together with fellow experts from different scientific disciplines and perspectives. Living well within the limits of our planet' is the vision around which the European Environment Agency has been working in recent years. Based on the knowledge built up at VITO, within Flanders and within European programmes, I have been able to highlight the importance of the environment for health and well-being as an important point of attention and work area for the EEA." 

Karl Vrancken