Koning Filip

As part of the Belgian State Visit to India, the Indian Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD, Imphal) and the Belgian research institute on Cleantech VITO (Mol) have signed an agreement to explore the collaboration in biotechnological R&D for the valorisation into added value products of biomass, especially bamboo. As North-East India is the world’s 2nd large producer of bamboo, after China, the region could benefit from targeting more application fields for this type of biomass.

VITO and IBSD intend to collaborate and to contribute intensely in the development of North-East India especially in the fields of environmental process development and biotechnology with strong attention on the use of the biological resources, such as bamboo, aquatic biomass, microbial resources etc.

The combination of the know-how of IBSD on bio-resources and of VITO on the use of sustainable resources and sustainable processes in chemistry and other industry grants this co-operation a high chance of success. The interaction between researchers of both institutes will most certainly enrich their future as well as the future of North-East India.