MyGrid, the Belgian start-up that won last year's VITO4STARTERS contest, has launched its innovative ModuleOne™ home battery through a Kickstarter campaign, after winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2023. This breakthrough technology is designed for renters and those living in apartments and flats, empowering consumers to control their energy usage and reduce their environmental impact.

MyGrid received support from VITO, Start it @KBC, an accelerator program, as well as Green Village in the Netherlands. The company's ‘home battery meets power bank’ solution delivers on both practicality and style. The ultra-portable design allows for easy transportation, making it perfect for camping trips, backyard BBQs, or as a backup power source for emergencies.

The Red Dot Design Award 2023 highlights the innovation and quality of this product, while MyGrid's win at the VITO4STARTERS contest further demonstrates the company's ability to innovate and succeed in the green energy sector.

After much hard work, it's finally happening for us - MyGrid's Kickstarter campaign is now live! In addition, we recently won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2023. Looking back, it may seem like an easy journey, but VITO4STARTERS was a turning point for us. That's when we really started to gain momentum. The VITO programme that followed gave us a lot of confidence to push our product forward," says Jan Wellens, Founder & CEO of MyGrid.


With the VITO4STARTERS competition, VITO supports young companies that contribute to greater sustainability with technical knowledge, a proof-of-concept and/or access to infrastructure. In this way, VITO strengthens the start-up community and the Flemish economic fabric.  

VITO highly values sustainability and is very active in the start-up community through its own spin-offs. With VITO4STARTERS, VITO wants to give existing start-ups a boost.

VITO thinks in the long term and even after the competition there are various possibilities for collaboration. VITO has several technologies with very high potential and also its own investment fund - the Clean Vision Invest fund.


The final will again take place during the Love Tomorrow Conference, on 27 July 2023, again bringing VITO's network and technical expertise within reach of inspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The competition links the ambitions of start-ups to VITO technology in cleantech domains such as sustainable materials, sustainable processes and renewable energy. This year, start-ups offering sustainable digital applications for the construction sector can also participate.

Interested? Follow the link below for more info and register your start-up before 1 June 2023!

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