Established in September 2011, LIBOVITO recently celebrated its 10 years anniversary.

VITO set up LIBOVITO in 2011, first as a joint venture with the Chinese partner Antipollution, with the intention to valorize VITO’s environmental models in China. In 2017, VITO acquired the other 50% shares of LIBOVITO from Antipollution and made LIBOVITO a 100% owned daughter company of VITOAsia Limited.

LIBOVITO has been concentrating on environmental modelling projects in the past 10 years. The first attention went to air quality management studies with a market breakthrough based on OPAQ, a statistical air quality forecast model developed by VITO’s RMA team and specifically tailored to the Chinese market by LIBOVITO. Till 2021, LIBOVITO has successfully implemented 64 OPAQ projects in China, including 1 national platform, 6 provincial platforms, 36 municipal platforms and 21 county platforms. This result makes OPAQ one of the most popular air quality models in China, and the No.1 implemented foreign air quality models by Chinese governments. LIBOVITO has successfully build up its brand and reputation in its niche sector through this achievement.

LIBOVITO infographic | VITO

The past 2 years were not an easy period for LIBOVITO. Same as thousands of other companies, the business of LIBOVITO has been heavily impacted by Covid-19, the consequent governmental measures and the shift of governmental resources. Fortunately, following the acceleration of the vaccination, we are more and more confident now that the most difficult times are already behind us.

LIBOVITO has recently adapted its “recovery” plan accordingly. The future of LIBOVITO will be more concentrated on water. Several water related modeling products are in the valorization pipeline such as Aquasys STM or Flood4Cast RTM and LeakRedux. The latter is a software from a Flemish SME being promoted by LIBOVITO. By doing so, VITO and LIBOVITO are also actively promoting Flemish cleantech solutions in China.  Next to water, other environmental issues such as heat island effect and the effects of climate change (UrbClim) are also in the agenda of LIBOVITO. We look forward to a brighter and even more successful next 10 years of LIBOVITO.

Groepsfoto LIBOVITO | VITO