This summer, Love Tomorrow and VITO are showcasing Earthwise in collaboration with Startit X. This entrepreneurial platform, taking place on 25 July at the Love Tomorrow conference 2024, highlights Belgian and international start-ups making a positive impact on society and the environment. Expect a program filled with innovative activities in the magical Tomorrowland atmosphere. In addition to renowned speakers, ambitious start-ups have the opportunity to pitch their sustainable ideas on one of the VITO4STARTERS stage. The winners of the pitch competition can not only expect a spot on the stage but also a significant prize pool of €100,000, essential research support from VITO and an ESG assessment with Graydon Credit Safe. This support is designed to provide the winning start-ups with the necessary resources to contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. 

Towards a sustainable future together

Love Tomorrow conference 2024 is entirely dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and positive impact. With Earthwise, they provide a platform for start-ups, investors, companies, and researchers with a mission to make the future more sustainable. They not only provide the necessary knowledge, connections, and resources to innovative start-ups but also emphasise the collaborative factor. Alongside main partner VITO and partner Startit X, Love Tomorrow aims to create a culture of collective learning and inspiration, where participants can gain insights from industry leaders, experts, and peers. 

Connecting during, after, and before the event

The experience of connecting begins a little earlier this year. With the Love Tomorrow matchmaking tool, which they will launch a few weeks before the event, visitors can connect with each other and decide to meet at the festival site. A great opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations in a creative and inspiring environment.


In the months leading up to Love Tomorrow 2024, a platform will be launched where both Belgian and international start-ups can register. The selected enterprises will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas at Love Tomorrow 2024 and stand a chance to win an award. What's up for grabs? The main prize of €50,000 and 2 other awards  worth €30,000 and €20,000. A substantial budget to support the winning enterprise with research and development, including technological advice, assistance with Proof of Concept, access to VITO infrastructure (laboratories, research locations, state-of-the-art pilot infrastructure, etc.). But that's not all. The winners also gain access to VITO's network, thus benefiting from the visibility of VITO channels. A prize that can set a lot in motion.

Co-founder of Uze, Dieter Scotte, who won the prize last year, experienced this firsthand: "Since we won VITO4STARTERS, we can exclusively allocate a budget for research. Something that was almost unattainable before. You not only receive significant financial support but also gain visibility and, most importantly, credibility. This is interesting for attracting opportunities, but especially investors." 

Through this competition, Love Tomorrow and VITO bridge the gap between entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries, acting as a catalyst for the growth of companies contributing to a better future. 

Circle of Innovation

​Beyond the Earthwise competition, there are more opportunities such as the Circle of Innovation, hosted by Start it X. This initiative is a powerful occasion where business leaders and startup founders come together to forge sustainable futures. Within 120 minutes, Start it X facilitates meaningful one-on-one conversations, pairing innovative startups and researchers with corporations eager to tackle real sustainability challenges. This platform creates win-win partnerships and valuable connections that can revolutionise your approach to sustainability goals. 

Do you feel called to participate with your sustainable start-up and pitch your idea to hundreds of entrepreneurs and visionaries? Then register via the website.

Seize your chance until 9 May 2024.

About Love Tomorrow

Love Tomorrow, established within the organization of Tomorrowland, rests on two fundamental pillars. Firstly, it aims for direct impact by initiating sustainability projects that transform Tomorrowland into a sustainable event. Secondly, it brings inspiration to life through storytelling, various events, and a vibrant community. 

Love Tomorrow 2024 reveals to the public the boundless possibilities of a more conscious and sustainable life, with the aim of collaborating towards a better future. At the festival, awareness, innovation, and entertainment merge in the magical setting of Tomorrowland. 

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