Purified wastewater for chemistry and pharmaceuticals

A lot of wastewater from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry containing toxic components is processed in incineration plants. Valuable raw materials are lost in the process.

pre-treating toxic wastewater

InOpSys, with the help of VITO, has developed a mobile water purification system that removes and recovers the toxic components. Many residual and wastewater streams from chemical and pharmaceutical companies are not suitable for biological water treatment. The toxic components kill the bacteria needed for the water purification process. InOpSys came up with the idea of pre-treating toxic wastewater: the disruptive components are removed from the water and recovered.


Modular system

“Unique to our system is the fact that we offer a total concept,” says Steven De Laet, one of the founders of InOpSys.

“Using flexible, modular and mobile units, we build a sustainable solution on the grounds of the customer. The units can be assembled on site with the precise techniques needed to purify the specific waste streams."

"We develop the concept, perform the lab tests, design and build the unit, start up the plant, and remain responsible for its operation. The customer thus receives a total solution, without the need for own follow-up.”

VITO delivers proof

To prove that the concept works and that the toxic substances have decreased to an acceptable level, Steven De Laet called upon VITO. It was VITO’s expertise in the analysis and characterisation of wastewater that was decisive. Stefan Voorspoels of VITO: “Before a company does business with InOpSys, it wants proof on paper that the standards are being met. VITO acts as an independent third party that performs the measurements and thus can convince the customer. Interaction is very important here: we advise InOpSys on the taking of samples and the treatment. What’s more, our analyses help the customer with its wastewater management.”

In operation at Janssen Pharmaceutica

InOpSys developed its first large unit for Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. Steven De Laet: “We developed the design last year. We had already called upon VITO for the lab tests. But VITO’s contribution was particularly intensive during the pilot tests. At that time, the situation had to be monitored very closely. We brought in samples daily and received the results already the next morning. The unit was installed at Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in June 2017 and will be operational for a period of three to four years. In the meantime there are new projects in the pipeline, and we will certainly be calling on VITO again.”



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