With more than 100 activities, the city of Hasselt is laying the foundation for the city of the future between 16 and 21 March. FTI Hasselt brings together citizens, governments, businesses, and knowledge centers on a city-wide stage where technology and innovation take center stage. "With this festival, we primarily aim to demonstrate what is already available and what we can achieve when we join forces," says Dietrich Van der Weken, General Manager of FTI Hasselt/G-STIC.

Flanders as the laboratory of Europe for technology and innovation

With the ambitious 'Flanders Technology and Innovation' (FTI) from March 15 to 24, the Flemish Government showcases the great strength of Flanders as an innovative region.

Minister Jo Brouns, Minister of Innovation: "With the Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) project that this Flemish government has revived, we organize various festivals in the Flemish provinces, aiming to attract a broad audience: to familiarize Flemings with the innovations carried out on our soil and simultaneously to inspire young people and Flemings about research and innovation, for STEM disciplines, as a way for concerned citizens and youth to contribute to a better world."

Hasselt, an exceptional festival

Hasselt, as one of the six cities, organises its own FTI festival. For six days, from 16 to 21 March, FTI Hasselt presents a program that deviates a bit from the traditional.

"With FTI, the Flemish government aims to highlight the key aspects of technology and innovation in Flanders," says Dietrich Van der Weken of FTI Hasselt/G-STIC. "We focus all of this on the transition to sustainable cities. This concerns us all: from citizens to policymakers, entrepreneurs, students, researchers... Everyone is needed to create the future together, and we must do it in all areas.

Therefore, FTI Hasselt has also chosen to consistently integrate the theme of a sustainable city in all its facets. Along with a range of enthusiastic partners, we organize events during the FTI week in Hasselt every day, revolving around sustainability in mobility, energy, food, fashion, circularity, and urban culture."

FTI Hasselt involves the entire city: from RE|CORE to the Corda site. Different target groups are also involved. "FTI Hasselt should not be an isolated initiative that stops on March 21. We are confident that the initiatives developed during that week will continue to boost Hasselt's desire for sustainability even after this festival."

FTI Hasselt, more than 100 initiatives

In the third week of March, FTI Hasselt transforms the city into a source of innovation and technology, infused with a sustainability touch. With lectures, brainstorms, meetings, and discussion forums, but also with cooking demonstrations, repair cafes, an interactive exhibition, music performances, and podcasts, driving tests and bike courses, fashion events, and spectacles... The entire city participates.

However, the beating heart is the 11th Liniestraat, where knowledge and practice meet in a street with numerous test setups that can be the basis for applications that can make Hasselt the city of the future for the next decades.

You can find the complete program here.

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