EnergyVille/VITO has developed the calculation methodology for this new version of the EPC.

From January 2019 the EPC will be given an extensive update. The EPC remains obligatory when buying and renting houses, apartments et cetera, so nothing changes to its field of application. However, the EPC will have a completely different look and contain new information. The EPC will look a lot more visual, the key figure is extended with a label and the recommendations become a lot more specific. EnergyVille/VITO has developed the calculation methodology for this new version of the EPC.

The EPC informs buyers and tenants

In 2008, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) became mandatory for homes and apartments that were offered for sale. A few months later the obligation was also introduced for rental houses and apartments. The EPC informs potential buyers and tenants about the energy performance of a building. Meanwhile, the EPC is already well established and more than 1 million EPCs have already been submitted for the Flemish housing stock. Ten years after the launch of the EPC, a thorough extension is underway. The new EPC will be launched in January 2019. The renewed EPC wants to raise awareness, inform and ultimately encourage a thorough energetic renovation of the home.

What is going to change?

A new label will be added to the new EPC, going from A + (for a house that produces more energy than it uses) to F (a very energy-consuming house). By adding the label, the potential buyer or tenant will be able to assess the energy performance of the house or apartment even faster and will be able to compare these more easily with other houses and apartments.

In addition, the recommendations are thoroughly expanded, well-organized and supplemented with a cost indication. This will provide the potential buyer / tenant with a quick and easy way of understanding what still needs to be done to make the house energetically in order and what the order of magnitude of the corresponding cost is. Technical information will also be available on the new EPC.​

What do you need to do if you want to put up your house for sale/rent?
As long as you have a valid EPC, you do not have to prepare a new one. Your old EPC will remain valid for ten years. In case you have an EPC prepared from January 2019, this will automatically be the new EPC.

If you do not have a (valid) EPC, you still have to contact a recognized energy expert type A. He will inspect the house and prepare an EPC using a software made available by the VEA. You can find the list of recognized energy experts type A at

What is our end goal?

The EPC is an instrument to raise awareness among buyers, tenants and owners about the energy performance of their home, apartment, ... With the new EPC, we want to raise even more awareness because by the end of 2050 we want an energy-efficient building stock in Flanders! With the new EPC, you will be able to check to what extent your house already complies with the long-term goal set for the energy performance of the Flemish housing stock.​

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