nLab is supplying the batteries for the Ecar 333, which is 100% environmentally friendly and is the first environmentally friendly vehicle actually produced in Belgium.

During the past few years, the company has gained a considerable amount of experience in converting old-timers. Having been equipped with an electric motor, they are permitted to enter the low emission zones of cities, and what is more, they are quiet and do not emit any unpleasant fumes! In addition, the business manager, Patrick Naeyaerts and a number of other partners actively invested in renewable energy in the form of the Ecar, the first car that is 100% environmentally friendly and has been produced in Belgium.

Important points in the case of a battery always include autonomy and the price. That is why an effective battery management system is essential, as that is where the intelligence of the battery lies. Unfortunately, many systems are still rather expensive and are complex and are often unreliable.

That is why nLab turned to VITO. The cooperation culminated in an SME innovation project, with VITO as a sub-contractor.

As far as the battery was concerned, we needed a battery management system in order to ensure the battery was kept in balance and we managed to find the right partner in the form of VITO/EnergyVille.

Niels Van Brandt

Waarom VITO/EnergyVille?

Why VITO/EnergyVille?

For nLab, it was important to expand their know-how in the area of battery management systems. In addition, there was the challenge of working for Ecar. The target for 2018 was a tough one right from the start: to construct 50 vehicles.

What did VITO/EnergyVille do?

It fully customized the battery management system so that it fulfilled nLab’s requirements

All test were carried out using the organisation’s own testing infrastructure in Genk

And what did nLab do itself?

It developed the entire battery


Did you know that

  • the batteries in the Ecar 333 are re-usable? If they are no longer sufficient to meet the requirements for the electric car, they can be used for another 20 years as an electrical storage battery in the home.
  • charging using a conventional electrical socket is possible in 3 hours?



Owner: Patrick Naeyaerts

nLab is all about a passion for electric vehicles. If an electric vehicle conversion is at all possible we go ahead with it, as it's so much more effective. The future is electric!

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