VITO and Limburg Startup, the startup community backed by Limburg's investment company LRM, have joined forces in a promising partnership. This collaboration aims to provide even better support for startups based in Limburg's 7 incubators, helping them conceive, develop, and implement projects or business ideas with a significant impact on creating a sustainable society.

With sustainability climbing higher on the priority list, Limburg Startup sought expertise to guide startups through the myriad possibilities, technologies, and collaborative opportunities. They found an ideal partner in VITO, renowned for its expertise in cleantech and sustainable development, with a mission to hasten the transition towards sustainability.

Nils Wuytens, Program Director of VITO4STARTERS, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I'm thrilled about this collaboration that bridges groundbreaking scientific discoveries with the dynamic startup world. This partnership with Limburg Startup and LRM not only accelerates the adoption of sustainable technologies but also strengthens our shared mission of making a tangible impact on society. By combining our expertise and resources, we offer startups a unique opportunity to fast-track and scale their innovative ideas, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. This represents a crucial step forward in our commitment to merging technological innovation and entrepreneurship to address some of the most pressing challenges in sustainable development. We eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking projects and innovations that will emerge from this collaboration and remain committed to supporting startups at every stage of their journey to success."

Tom Vanham, CEO of LRM, also expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "Sustainability is ingrained in LRM's DNA. Over the years, we've deepened our focus on sustainability, resulting in numerous concrete achievements. We've built an impressive track record of impactful climate projects. With Limburg Startup, our goal is to further strengthen this sustainable focus among all our residents. Partnering with VITO equips us with the necessary tools and professional support to turn this ambition into reality. Moreover, VITO's expertise spans various domains, from sustainable chemistry and energy to land use, materials management, and health. Startups based in Corda INC., GreenVille, BioVille, Agropolis, IncubaThor, C-Mine, and DronePort will undoubtedly benefit from this new partnership."

The partnership was officially sealed during the Flanders Technology and Innovation Festival held at the Corda Campus in Hasselt.

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