Industrial processes can be characterised in a simplified way, and the optimal value of the flexibility of the production plant comes out as a result (in € per annum).

Today, the introduction and growth of renewable energy changes the electricity system significantly. For example, when large amounts of renewable energy are generated, grid overload situations are possible. Instead of adapting the energy production, activation of additional demand can help to solve imbalances in the grid. The project IndustRE identifies the flexibility potential of large industrial users to absorb these excesses and sees it as an opportunity that - through innovative business models - can facilitate further growth and integration of variable renewable energy, while reducing the industrial electricity costs. A win-win situation for both our energy system and industrial users which can now be calculated online.

The flexibility potential of large industrial users’ electricity demand presents an opportunity to deal simultaneously with two issues at the top of the European energy policy agenda:

  • The rising cost of electricity and its effects on the competitiveness of European industry;
  • Cost-effective integration of variable renewable electricity into the European power systems.

Within the IndustRE project, the electricity-intensive industries of Europe have worked closely with the renewable energy sector in order to promote innovative business models and facilitate their adoption.

For plant operators or interested professional service providers, a methodology and related case study results to valorize industrial flexibility has been developed: ProFLEX. This methodology aims to simplify the quantification and valorization of the flexible electricity consumption at your production plants across EU, subject to different energy market rules in different countries. 

In short: industrial processes can be characterized in a simplified way, and the optimal value of the flexibility of the production plant comes out as a result (in € per annum).

The ProFLEX methodology enables you as plant operator or trusted partner to improve your operations or service offering, by including advice on electrical flexibility as a component in your professional services.  ProFLEX identifies, quantifies and tags a value to the flexibility, the actual exploitation of the identified flexibility is left in your and/or your partners’ hands.  

A sneak preview including calculation of the flexibility value (in €) of your process via ProFLEX is available online here.

Information on the methodology and its results from the pilots in the case studies is available via a webinar recording here, and on the industRE website.

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