VITO and VIL are looking for start-ups and companies that want to tackle the logistical challenges associated with a circular service model.

If you, as a start-up or company, are exploring or rolling out a service model, you will undoubtedly encounter logistical problems. Integrating return logistics, maintenance or repair into your business operations is not an easy task for companies that are focused on production and sales. For starters with a service concept, logistics is usually a crucial threshold for scaling up the concept.

Do you recognise this in your own business context? Then join the collective project PaaS logistics, in which VIL and VITO bring together companies and knowledge to unravel the logistic tangle in service models. In a joint process, we identify logistics needs and solutions for circular product-as-a-service models.

In an exploratory research phase, we look for answers to the following questions: Which logistic needs result from the implementation of a circular service model? Which existing or future logistics solutions can meet these needs? Which economic and environmental conditions determine the success rate of these logistics solutions?

We then jointly define some practical cases that are worked out with the participating companies. In this way, we want to arrive at practical solutions, summarised in a detailed step-by-step plan.

Also players in (last-mile) logistics who want to get to know the opportunities that new circular service models have to offer, are welcome to join.

This project is financed by VLAIO, in which the participating companies co-finance part of the costs. The kick-off will take place on 5 December 2019. Registering for the project can be done by emailing your interest to