Cornerstone ceremony

Mol – On Tuesday 30 April, the renovation works in the iconic Residential Quarter at the Boeretang in Mol were officially launched with a cornerstone ceremony. The 323 residential units in the modernist quarter from the nineteen fifties will be given a complete overhaul. Construction company Cordeel throws its weight behind this project, an initiative of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) and the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) supported by the Flemish Environment Department and the Flemish Cultural Heritage Agency.

First, the so-called dormitories (student flats) will be tackled and 30 new apartments will be built. “As from mid-2019, we will also start with the renovation of the existing apartment block with studios, the renovation of the terraced houses and the construction of villas on the east side of the Residential Quarter”, explains Paul Ivens, director at Cordeel. The first phase will be completed in 2021. “In the second phase, we will address the west side.”

After more than 60 years, a comprehensive renovation of the Residential Quarter is called for. “The residential area at the Boeretang used to be a vibrant quarter. With this renovation, we want to revive the Residential Quarter so that this historical gem in Mol can be preserved. To succeed in this ambition, we must make sure that the dwellings meet the requirements in terms of modern living comfort”, says Eric van Walle, general director of SCK•CEN. “Thanks to this project, we can offer our employees in the coming years the opportunity to rent a dwelling in the renovated residential quarter.”

Living in a green environment

According to Dirk Fransaer, managing director of VITO, the residential quarter will be renovated with due respect for the existing architecture and green environment: “In the Residential Quarter, people are surrounded by nature.” But also in a metaphorical sense, “green” is a major consideration: “With a new heating network, intelligent LED lighting and electrical charging stations for bicycles and cars, we make the Residential Quarter ready for a 100% green future.”

A rich history

SCK•CEN and VITO built the Residential Quarter in the nineteen fifties according to a design of architect Jacques Wybouw. It won numerous architectural awards and has been included in the Architectural Heritage Inventory. Now, the Residential Quarter is given a second life: apart from the SCK•CEN employees, also other interested persons will in future get the opportunity to come and live here.

Dwellings for everyone

Cordeel will address the renovation in two phases for a total budget of about 50 million euro. To this end, Cordeel concluded a DBFM agreement (Design, Build, Finance and Maintenance) with SCK•CEN and VITO. In the next 25 years, the construction company will also assume the maintenance of the quarter. Cordeel also acts as developer and will in future offer several residential typologies for sale. Both employees of SCK•CEN and VITO and non-employees will in future have the opportunity to buy a house in the Residential Quarter.

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